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Panel divided, Transfer and RDNH in the same dispute


Domain disputes decisions do not always have a unanimous decision. Sometimes one panelist might disagree with other panelists. However, the scale of  dissension and diversion seldom enlarged. In today’s unique case study we would see how one side of panelists decided for Transfer while the other went as far as awarding a RDNH.  The dispute was submitted at  WIPO, with the...

AdvanceBioderma attracts advanced intermediation


Disputes arise when two companies try to use the same name. This can also happen when a company’s brand name is being used as the company name by some other entity.  Arbitration Center for Internet Disputes witnessed an extended tussle between two parties over the usage of the domain name The filing in the ADR is only an extension of a number of Complaints filed by...

Forum’s unfair judgment on


Domain disputes are not always consistent with one other, if the broader perspectives are concerned. Each case has its own merit and should be looked upon objectively. However, often decisions come that are not easy to digest.  Forum witnessed a dispute between two parties over the use of domain name The Complainant is The Vanguard Group, Inc.  The Complainant is...

Paris Saint-Germain reached WIPO for this NFT domain name


NFT’s craze hasn’t melted down yet. People are still purchasing NFTs for hefty prices and showing them off. Adding to the trend several Sports teams released their won NFTs for their fans. This includes Paris Saint-Germain.  WIPO witnessed an absolutely remarkable dispute for two domain names, namely and The Complainant was the popular Spanish Football Club...

Domain name belonging to Pablo Escobar’s city under rivalry


Pablo Escobar is now a worldwide figure, thanks to Narcos. The druglord of Columbia came to the forefront after the release of the popular Netflix series. Along with Escobar, his city Medellin has not left the memory of the viewers.  Forum witnessed a domain name dispute regarding the domain name The Complainant was MedellinLiving LLC, while the Respondent was a private...

Can the trademarks secure


It is difficult to ascertain how a domain dispute case would be considering the wide range of disputes that arbitration platforms have to mediate. As for example the convention is that if a trademark proceeds the registration of domain name, the trademark holder has an upper hand in such a case. But is it true, everytime?  WIPO witnessed a tussle for the contention of the four lettered...

Delhi High Court restrains fake Amazon domain names


Delhi High Court has taken strict action against two domain names that were infringing upon the trademarks of Amazon.The domains were trying to fraud people in the garb of offering a chance to set up Amazon Easy Store.  Two domain names namely and were used to organize the fraudulent campaign. Amazon Easy is a new program by the E-Commerce conglomerate. The...

Environment Org seeks generic domain name on common law trademark


With generic names involved, getting trademark rights over the same is not an easy task. The complexity intensifies further when the generic term involved is a common Surname.  WIPO witnessed a dispute regarding the registration and use of the domain name The Complainant was Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. The Complainant owns a non-profit organisation aimed at the...

Someone registered and applied for trademarks


If you are not an Indian, the word Sholay might not ring any bells for you. However, if you are an Indian, the word would likely bring a range of emotions that will be difficult to gauge. Sholay is the name of one of the most popular and iconic Indian movies of all time. However, an interesting development regarding the 1975 made film came when someone registered a series of domain names related...

Panel in favor of Domain Investor with million domain names


It is intriguing to see how many entities would approach the law, not with facts and figures but with the misconstrued logic of their own. The arbitration and redressal platforms hence serve as an appropriate anvil on which the misconstrued logic is given shape.  WIPO witnessed an interesting contention over the domain name The Complainants were Bookker Corporate S.L.U, Spain...

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