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4 lettered domain name attracts RDNH


Short lettered domain names are always in demand. These short names can be used as sleek and funky company names or they can be used as an acronym for a long company name. Such domains are thus wanted by many, sometimes there can be competing wants and this clash of wants results in domain name disputes. Law and Business Enterprises Worldwide S.L. is a company based in Spain. The company provides...

Complainant approaches the Forum again for the same domain name


When commercial or private entities see their trademarks in use by some third party, UDRP complaints are filed. Based upon procedures, a decision is made on who gets to keep the domain name. This is a common scenario. However, seldom does a complainant reach the Forum twice for the same domain name! Camco Manufacturing, LLC is an international company that manufactures and sells products related... attracts Korean and French parties


The UDRP procedure is a fine place to witness global diversity. Parties from different regions enter into disputes and contest their arguments through their perspectives and business intuitions. It is an excellent opportunity to gauge the business development, environment and evolution of different regions in comparison with each other. Développement Information et Maintenance de Systèmes...

Claimant of handed RDNH


UDRP is not the procedure where a party approaches just because it needs a domain name. There should credible reasoning, arguments and facts upon which the dispute should stand and be credible. To protect against any such misadvantage that could be levied on the procedure, an additional provision of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking has been established. GL Concepts LLC is a US based firm. The firm...

Unstoppable Domains partners with OKC


Unstoppable Domains, one of the most promising companies in the crypto domain sector has finalized yet another collaboration. This time it is with the  Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Inter‑Blockchain Communication (IBC) compatible OKX Chain (OKC). Payment through long crypto codes is an intriguing task. Amid this, Unstoppable Domains easy-to-remember short crypto domain names come in handy. A... brings together, and


LuxHosting is Europe’s fastest and customer friendly web hosting company. Situated in Luxembourg, the company has added the name of the small country in it as well. The company has announced that it has integrated within itself three different host companies. These include, and LuxHosting intends to develop an integration where the assets as well as clients...

Singapore blocks 99 domain names


Illicit domain names and the havoc they create have all of us worried. Billions of dollars are wasted every year. However, the actions by the government authorities and the seriousness with which the focus has been on fraudulent domain names has been unparalleled. Especially after the pandemic. Government institutions are actively taking part to combat this nuisance. Recent addition to the list...

US based Dentist registers domain name to exploit software company


Registering domain names related to popular brands for malicious purposes is nothing new. This can be used for typosquatting or attracting traffic due to similarity in the name. However sometimes, this can also be used to exploit a small scale business and demand large sums in return for the domain name. Let’s see it more closely through the domain name dispute surrounding The...

Spanish man fails to secure domain over its Portuguese meaning


Sometimes similar sounding terms can have different meanings in different languages. Although these are pretty common and observed in all the languages, domain names give an economic angle to this. Sometimes, trademarks over a mark might mean something else in a different language. Sergio Juan Canamasas Español, a Spanish citizen filed a complaint at WIPO regarding the registration and use of the...

Quad9 joins Cyber Threat Alliance


Quad9 is a prominent recursive DNS resolver. The Swiss organization is the only global public resolver, to not operate for profit but for public welfare. The organization is now going to join the alliance of the world’s most prolific cybersecurity entities: Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA). CTA is a conglomeration of cybersecurity leaders that work to uphold global security. CTA has categorized its...

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