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West Virginia University’s Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) has launched a new website,, to provide more information in a user-friendly layout. The redesigned website aims to enhance educational opportunities for all students with disabilities, in line with the OAS mission.

Gandi + TWS = Your.Online


Gandi SAS and Total Webhosting Solutions B.V. announced their merger and the creation of Your.Online, a leading European online services platform. The new platform will support businesses of all sizes in realising and scaling their online ambitions. pays emphasis on Customer Experience

S is focused on evolving its digital capabilities to support its growing business and driving new initiatives while prioritising the customer experience. The e-retailer has been concentrating on its supply chain and operational issues and is now emphasising customer-facing initiatives. 

VisitBritain’s See Things Differently Campaign


VisitBritain, the national tourism agency, has launched its 2023 international marketing campaign to promote tourism in Britain. The campaign, which encourages visitors to ‘See Things Differently’, aims to showcase Britain as a dynamic, diverse, and exciting destination.

Text to Video market to value a Billion by 2027


Text-to-Video AI Market is expected to achieve tremendous growth in the upcoming years. The Text-to-Video Global AI market, with a projected growth of USD 0.1 billion in 2022 to USD 0.9 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 37.1%. This indicates a growing interest in AI-based technology that can automatically generate video content from text, which has the potential to transform industries such as...

NanoLabs files for trademark infringement against Coinbase


As per a report by, NanoLabs has filed a lawsuit against Coinbase for trademark infringement related to its Nano Bitcoin futures contract and Nano Ether futures contract. NanoLabs claims that Coinbase's new products are "derivative products" that are "identical or highly similar" to Nano, the digital currency it created. It also claims that its brand's reputation has been harmed and...

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