Finnish BEER’s unique wordplay on ‘NATO’


The Ukraine Crisis has left Europe in disarray. Amid tension in Ukraine, Russia also talked about attacking other countries, that included Sweden and Finland. Following this, earlier week both the countries applied for NATO membership.  Although the applications haven’t been completely accepted yet, this news has created a buzz in the continent as well as among the citizens. A Finnish...

Brands’ fear of trademark violations in Russia


The Russia-Ukraine crisis’ fire fails to extinguish even after a month, since the global tragedy began. Human lives have been lost and irreparable damage has been done to the resources as well as psyche of people involved. As a retaliation to the growing worldwide support for the Ukrainians, several brands based in ‘enemy countries’ of Russia face uncertainties there. Several brands have left the...

Loser.com’s homage to Putin


Loser.com is a very interesting domain name. The domain isn’t used for commercial and service purposes. Rather, it is used to criticize and condemn popular personalities that the  registrant finds displeasing.  The domain name as of now, is redirected towards the Wikipedia page of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Exact date of this redirection wasn’t found, but it was...

This Assam Company has named its product on Zelenskyy


The World is divided yet again. The crisis in Ukraine has divided the Globe into two poles. Both sides support their cause on different narratives with heavy political leanings, built on it. Amid this a beautiful message of solidarity has been proposed by an Assamese Company. Aromica Tea Company has launched it’s new strong Assamese black tea. The Company has named the new product in the...

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