Unprecedented fall in .uk domain name suspensions


Cybercrimes are getting frequent and more evolved. Despite several security measures put in place, fraudsters find a way to bypass them. However, this news from the United Kingdom gives us hope.  Nominet, the official registrar of  .uk domain names presented some very interesting statistics. The domain name suspensions of .uk names has taken a surprisingly low dip. About 2,487 .uk...

Fraud .uk websites get PIPCU’s landing page


As of 26/11/2020 Nominet, the registry for .uk domains, has been fighting a hard battle against fraudulent websites. The problem intensified after the Corona outbreak where a swarm of malicious websites came at its disposal. The British registry has now joined hands with London’s police in this fight. Nominet along with PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) have introduced law...

Nominet suspends 29,000 .uk domains


Nominet, the .uk domain registry has suspended 28,937 domains this year. The takedowns happened because of the company’s vision to clear the UK’s cyberspace. The registry took the action after 5 out of the 10 companies it collaborates with, sent requests on takedowns. Out of the 28,937 takedowns, 28,606 came from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) which deals with...

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