Is Apple switching from China to India?


China is the production capital of the world. China’s economic missile is based on this fuel. The country has been criticised for its working conditions, but it still continues to be the destination for all MNCs.  However, a recent announcement by Apple might change things for China. Apple has announced that it has communicated with the Chinese manufacturers that it is going to...

The love story of iPod and Podcast


Love, like humans, has different forms. Different forms and different stories. However, the classic romantic story enthusiast cannot but accept his undying affection for the classic romantic stories. The story where our King emerges out of fire and protects our Queen, only to be separated at the end. The story begins with a computer company who had suddenly started producing handheld music...

How did the apps perform in 2021


2021 has come to an end. A new year awaits, full of exciting news and possibilities. However, it is also the time to look at how different things performed in the year. Today, we are discussing the app sector. A report by App Annie, has stated a huge jump in people spending on apps worldwide. The 2021 figure stood at $135 billion. This is a whopping 20% increase as compared to the figures of...

Are you prepared for Apple’s WWDC?


As of 23/06/2020 It is time for Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Also, colloquially called Dub Dub, the event is going to start from today. Although every year the conference is held at San Francisco, this year the event is happening online because of the Corona-virus epidemic. The conference garners attention from both the developers and the consumers as a number of software...

Apple registers AppleCoronaVirus.com


Amidst the Global havoc of Coronavirus, Apple appears to have registered the domain name AppleCoronaVirus.com. The registration happened last Friday, the same day Apple joined hands with Google to fight the deadly virus with the launch of a decentralized tracing tool.  A check to the domain’s WhoIs record points to name servers under Apple’s control although the URL doesn’t...

Fortune 500 Business Predictions from Domain Names


Facebook After the amazing success in personal chat apps, Facebook is planning to enter into the market of professional and team chat app for medium and large corporate offices. They have recently registered domain like WorkPlaceChat.com, WorkPlaceChat.net and WorkPlaceChat.org in July-2017. Microsoft With some big plan ahead in travel and tourism category Microsoft has recently registered outing...

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