Convex Finance’s domain name hacked


Convex Finance, a popular Decentralized Finance platform met with a troubling incident recently. The platform’s user-facing domain name was hijacked.  The attack was mainly to approve the smart contacts present there. Smart contacts are certain automated activities that come into operation once the prestated conditions are met. The attackers wanted to derive unduly...

Paris Saint-Germain reached WIPO for this NFT domain name


NFT’s craze hasn’t melted down yet. People are still purchasing NFTs for hefty prices and showing them off. Adding to the trend several Sports teams released their won NFTs for their fans. This includes Paris Saint-Germain.  WIPO witnessed an absolutely remarkable dispute for two domain names, namely and The Complainant was the popular Spanish Football Club...

QAnon, Indus.Gold and Rug Pull


QAnon is a conspiracy theory that says about the presence of a network of cannibalistic pedophiles working in consonance to bring down the erstwhile US President. The conspiracy theory links late president John F Kennedy, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and, if not weird enough already, Aliens!  QAnon could have been like any other conspiracy theory. However, Mashable reported that some people...

Budweiser launches a NFT racing game


In our previous post, we had talked about how Budweiser entered into the NFT space with the purchase of the spot-on domain Beer.eth. The company sought to establish the company’s branding in the upcoming blockchain space. The company has delved further into decentralised branding with the launch of a new NFT Racing game.  Budweiser in association with popular NFT Digital Horse Racing firm...

Budweiser has claimed this ‘beer’ domain name


As of August, 2021 Budweiser has got into hands on a new domain name. The domain name is obviously beer related. However, the choice of the extension made the deal even more exciting.  Budweiser has bought the domain name Beer.eth. This is a huge step by the American beverage company with regards to its adoption of the new craze of Blockchain technology.  .eth stands for Ethereum, a popular...

Women in Abu Dhabi to get free Blockchain domain names


Abu Dhabi has very exciting news for all of its female residents. The city is going to provide some sort of a digital bouquet, for free. The bouquet includes cryptocurrency, a NFT and a Blockchain domain name.  The initiative has been launched by the city’s agencies: Access Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) as well as the leading blockchain domain company Unstoppable Domains...

Shaquille O’Neal switches from Shaq.ETH to Shaq.SOL


It’s difficult to ignore Shaq. The renowned basketball player has a knack of constantly generating ‘Breaking News’ stuff. Shaquille O’Neal, is back again in the limelight thanks to his recent crypto investments as well as advertisements.  Shaq has changed the name of his Twitter account. The profile earlier sported an ETH name, i.e., Shaq.ETH. The name has been...

ENS reports the best month in its entire existence


ENS is on a roll in the month of May. The alternative to DNS just marked the best month in its entire existence on all metrics that the service monitors.  The service made an unprecedented jump across different metrics: Registration, Renewals, Revenue (USD & ETH) and Income (USD &ETH). And the month is yet to conclude. If compared with the figures in May 2021, Revenue (ETH) in May 2022...

New York Court’s decision could pave way for future NFT regulations


The New Court has presented an interim decision regarding a dispute between Hermès and a ‘self-proclaimed’ artist. The decision involves, and could provide light in the direction, NFTs would be looked at legally.  The dispute involves a collection of 100 NFTs released by an individual called Mason Rothschild. The NFTs depicted several combinations of transformed pictures of a...

NexBloc announces two new dTLDs


After gTLDs (generic Top-level domains), nTLDs (new Top-level domains) and ccTLDs (country code Top-level domain), we have another TLD. This new TLD is called dTLD or decentralised Top-level Domain.  More and more companies are adopting domain names based on the Blockchain. Amid this NexBloc has announced the launch of two new dTLDs as .nex and .artist. The first extension does look a little...

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