Would .HipHop rise?


HipHop isn’t a genre of music, but a lifestyle in itself. Them sick old beats have accompanied us in our darkest of times to our glorious ones. However, surprisingly the domain name industry hasn’t done appropriate justice with the industry.  The .HipHop domain name has been around for sometime, but the registration of related domain names hasn’t shown any exceptional and...

Would you buy a Domain Name Extension as NFT?


As of 02/04/2021 The trend of NFT has gripped everyone around the world. From blogs to vlogs to memes to even Saturday Night Live, everyone has been buzzing about this new phenomenon. But this new sensation, that had been originally intended to cater to Digital Art sector has entered the Domain Name Market arena as well. As reported by Morgan Linton Uni, previously known as Uniregistry, is going...

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