Delhi High Court’s important direction to Domain Name Registries


Earlier, we had informed about how the Delhi High Court had instructed Domain Name Registries (DNR) to cancel any domain name related to the trademark Meesho. The Court has presented a similar stance against another brand infringement via the deployment of domain names in cases related to the brand Snapdeal. The Delhi High Court was presented with a case where a number of domain names had been...

GoDaddy’s founder goes through medical LSD treatment


Mental health is one of the most serious issues of current times. Fluctuations in the global markets and several once-in-a-lifetime crises, has affected the working populace severely.  GoDaddy’s founder and former CEO Bob Parsons is among the individuals who have been struggling with mental health issues. Bob went to the Vietnam War and since coming back has been suffering from Post...

Domain Name Registries won’t be given ‘safe harbour’


The Delhi High Court in the case proceedings related to Snapdeal Private Limited v Go Daddy Com LLC & Ors., has ruled that Domain Name RegistriesRegistries, when providing trademark infringement domain name at a profit, won’t be granted ‘safe harbour’. Too difficult to grasp? Ok, let me answer you in a simple way.  The Plaintiff, i.e., Snapdeal had approached the court...

Why did GoDaddy’s shares spike this week?


GoDaddy had a bit of an average performance for most of the year. However, earlier this week GoDaddy’s shares started moving up. So much that at one point GoDaddy’s shares rose by 10%. So, what’s the reason behind this sudden spike in demand for GoDaddy’s share? The reason behind this isn’t another exciting product or service announced by the company. Rather, it is because a prominent...

FIBA teams up with GoDaddy to push .basketball TLD


Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA), commonly known as the  International Basketball Federation in English, has announced a partnership with GoDaddy. The teaming up has been to promote the extension .basketball. FIBA along with Roar.basketball LLC has joined hands with GoDaddy. FIBA aims to make the .basketball domain accessible to everyone. Hence,the world’s most popular...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-29


InfoChimps.com An information and knowledge resource, a data and information security firm. Current bid price is $1,120. NewYorkFlights.com Generic domain name for air travel services. Agent services, cheap flight scanning and more. Current bid price is $910. ZestNow.com Sounds like a cool brandable name for anything, current bid price is $295. GeoMaster.com Most suitable for things and services...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-28


TravelTrails.com A travel blogging/vlogging site leaving trails of places you go, a tours and travel agency, holiday packages, trips and hikes. Current bid price is $425. DotRun.com/dotrun.com Can be branded as you want, and for anything you want. Current bid price is $205. TheMamaZone.com An online zone, exclusively for mothers. Motherhood and parenting tips, guidance and ideas. Current bid...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-27


AuditService.com The generic domain for audit services, current bid price is $345. BeeChat.com A social media and sharing app, exchanging ideas, polls, opinions, information through channels and groups. Innovate and make it different. Current bid price is $358. inventix.com A cool, valuable brandable name for an innovative technology development company, current bid price is $271. EventsBot.com...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-26


TheJackalMagazine.com A powerful, intriguing name for any magazine, journal or blog in any category. A luxury men’s magazine went by then name until 2019. Current bid price is $1,200. zeffer.com One-word brandable name, currently bidding at $380. OpenKnowledge.com An online information and resource library, an e-learning and teaching platform, basically anything that has to do with gaining and...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-25


AutoStorm.com Take the automobile industry by storm with this brand! This name has a bit to do with this industry, innovate and expand to other industries as well, or just do something totally different. Current bid price is $605. SecurityNewsDaily.com Cyber security news, updates and analysis up first, current bid price is $1,151. OneCity.com City specific services or a brand name, sounds good...

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