Three companies merge to form TRINEXIA


Credence Security, a Value-Added Distributor operating in the Europe, Middle East, India, and African (EMEIA) markets, has consolidated with Cyber Security South Africa and Cyber Security Africa Distribution under a unified brand identity known as TRINEXIA. 

Did you know Ola started as


The platform was launched in December 2010 by co-founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. However, in 2011, the founders pivoted their business model and transformed into a ride-hailing platform, Ola Cabs, after realising the potential of the taxi market in India.

Cambodia’s crackdown on Voice of Democracy


The Cambodian government has ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to the website and social media accounts of an independent media company called Voice of Democracy. This comes after the media company was critical of the government and its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The order was reportedly issued by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and was sent to all ISPs...

Steven King sues entities using ‘God is Dope’ mark


The famed writer claims that the entities had infringed upon his trademark over ‘God is Dope’. A phrase that was created by him. The concerned mark has been in constant use by the defendants  for financial profits, without taking his consent first.

About Omni Hotel Downtown Austin | NamesCon Global 2022


NamesCon Global 2022 is on its Second day now. An array of events awaits you to recharge your domaining spirit. The Conference has been organized in the spectacular Omni Hotel Downtown Austin. Let’s know more about the Hotel. The Hotel is a part of the Omni Hotels chain. Omni Austin is special because of its unique location. The Hotel is located at the nerve center of Austin with many prominent...

Why has the Turkish court blocked the domain


A Turkish Court has recently blocked the domain name The blockade came amid global online protest regarding the domain name with the promulgated hashtag #HavritaKapatilsin (Shut Down Havrita). So what was all the fuss about? is a social platform that aims at locating street dogs. The name Havrita is an amalgamation of Hav, i.e., Bark and Harita i.e., a map. The complete...

Ruth Sent Us is back on TikTok


Earlier we had reported about a far left group that had released the addresses of the Supreme Court judges online. They invited their supporters to come and gather into a crowd outside the residences of the Judges. After this incident their TikTok account was said to be ‘permanently banned’. However, the accounts of that group have become active again. TikTok hasn’t released any statement...

Barcelona Jersey Number claimed through this domain name


Football icons have a different place in the heart of football fans worldwide. Their connection goes beyond the entertainment level and reaches a much deeper level.  This could be seen in the way collectibles belonging to them are preserved and cherished by the fans all around. Even the action figures of retired icons are almost always sold out. That’s the craze for the sport among the...

Chicago Journal & The Chicago Journal


Chicago Journal is a digital media house bringing to the world the latest stories of the City of Chicago. The Company recently posted about an interesting and ‘kindly’ existence of a similar Journal.  Chicago Journal was getting numerous queries regarding the existence of another digital platform Chicago journal, which operates on the domain name...

Go Airport Shuttle announces rebrand


Go Airport Shuttle has announced rebranding with the launch of a premium domain name. Go Airport Shuttle’s new home is going to be The Second-level domain name used in the new domain name is also the new rebranded name of the firm. The company would from now be named Go With Us. The logo at the website features branding of the terms ‘Go’ and ‘Go With Us’, both appearing in separate...

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