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NameBlock @ NamesCon Global 2022


NameBlock AS was launched at the NamesCon Global 2022. The Gold partner of NamesCon might have the solution that the industry is in dire need of. NameBlock is a unique one place destination to protect your brand name against domain name impersonation. We all understand the importance a right domain name can have in the branding of a business. However, in the present scenario where there are...

Last chance to register for NamesCon Global 2022


Have you registered for NamesCon Global 2022? It is here.  The intriguing event brings domain name experts, traders, brokers and all the different institutions and individuals related to the domain name industry, under one roof. NamesCon Global 2022 provides a unique opportunity to network and discuss among your peers, the innovations and developments related to the field. The biggest...

Which companies have the biggest investments in the Crypto sector?


In a very short stint, the Crypto sector has left its mark. The industry is the most interesting sector right now, with businesses looking to have more of its share globally. Touted to be the next internet, it becomes of significance as to who is backing this revolution? Let’s have a look. Alphabet Google’s parent company is the biggest investor in the Crypto sector. The company has...

Telegram to sell Usernames, Channel links as NFTs


Telegram CEO has announced that Telegram’s Usernames, Groups and Channel links would be sold as Non-fungible Token like Smart contracts. The announcement was made from the CEO’s Telegram channel. Telegram has different unique names that can be used as Usernames, Channel links. They can be suffixed to and be used, such as He Your_Name is a unique attribute and some of...

What is halting Wildberries’ transition to Berries?


Wildberries is a well known name in Russia. It is the largest Russian online retailing platform. The company functions even outside Russia with presence in more than 15 countries. The Company recently decided to change its name. The Company decided to drop the ‘Wild’ from its name, and just keep the Russian translation of the Berries, i.e., ягодки. However, the company faces a major hindrance in...

Westpac acquires


Westpac is a common name in Australia. Formally known as Westpac Banking Corporation, it is one of the biggest 4 banks in Australia. It is the oldest financial institution that is currently up and working there. The Bank recently has acquired the domain name, reported itnews. Erstwhile the bank had been working on the domain name Post the acquisition of the .com name...

Alabama’s Berlin gets a new domain name


Berlin is more than just a city.  The German capital represents the aspirations and achievements of the German folks. However, did you know that there is another Berlin in the US? Berlin is also a town in the state of Alabama. The town is a part of Cullman county. The municipality of the town adopted a new domain name. The town had been until now using a .org domain name, i.e,

Radix posts a strong H1 2022


Radix has presented its figures for the first half of 2022. The company has marked a strong growth with respect to the previous half of 2021. We had discussed Radix’s performance in the second half of 2021, let’s take a look at first half figures of 2022. Radix has reported $3.8 million in Premium Retail Revenue in H1 2022.  This is a growth of 28.37% as compared to the previous Half. In H2...

NIXI’s great offer on the eve of 75th Independence Day


India is heading for its 75th Independence Day. The whole nation has joined to celebrate this iconic occasion. Amid these celebrarations the manager of the country’s ccTLD has come up with a spectacular offer. National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has offered huge discounts over .in and .भारत domains names. The domain names are available for grabs at ₹75 ($0.94) for one year. The offer...

PIR’s portfolio has expanded. Which extensions have joined?


In a previous post we had explained how the Public Interest Registry (PIR) had planned to expand its portfolio. PIR had partnered with Donuts Inc. to acquire .foundation, .charity and .gives to its set of existing domain name extensions. Now, these extensions have been integrated into the PIR’s .org family of domains. With this addition PIR’s family includes extensions like .org, .ngo, .ong, ...

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