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Space related domain name priced at $16 Million?


I’ll be upfront with you, ever since the arrival of NFTs, I can’t digest the price of digital assets anymore. Everyday my inability to comprehend such high prices keeps on increasing. Comparatively, domain names have been easier on me. However, this domain name might change things.  As reported by Ritz Herald, an unusual domain name has come up. The content on the domain name is...

‘Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association’ accepts EyHost as their associate member


Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) has accepted EyHost as it’s new associate member with one accord, reported The Business Standard. The association admitted that though EyHost is associated with a number of TLDs, it can be enlisted as an associate member.  EyHost is a web hosting and domain name registrar hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Although APTLD has a long list of...

Sri Lanka accepts a new .basketball domain name


FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball or International Basketball Federation) is conducting a Digital Communication and Media Workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The federation is training the Sri Lankans how to use the internet and social media as an efficient medium of connecting and promoting the game of Basketball.  With the workshop, another important news surfaced related to the...

Why did this county made a shift from a .com to a .gov name?


Centre County, is a county in the State of Pennsylvania of the US. The county is going to conduct its municipal elections. Amid this electoral process, the county decided to make a transition in its election related domain name. The transition was switching from the previous .com name to .gov name.  .com stands for commercial, while .gov stands for the Government. Although, a .com name has...

What are the proposed changes in .se and .nu registration?


The Swedish Internet Foundation has made some changes in the process of registration of .se and .nu domain names. A report by stated that the changes will come into effect from 1st of November.  Regarding the .se registration, a personal Identification number or a business registration number is required for people belonging to regions outside of Sweden. Also with cases related to ...

FIBA teams up with GoDaddy to push .basketball TLD


Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA), commonly known as the  International Basketball Federation in English, has announced a partnership with GoDaddy. The teaming up has been to promote the extension .basketball. FIBA along with LLC has joined hands with GoDaddy. FIBA aims to make the .basketball domain accessible to everyone. Hence,the world’s most popular...

Rational behind domain name change of this Chinese public platform


China’s growth among the biggest powerhouses of the world has been very rapid. The overwhelmingly high growth, through a sustained period of time, also brought one unfavorable thing: pollution.  Recently, the Chinese government changed the domain name of a public platform meant to ease pollution levels. The domain name that was changed was This website belongs to a car...

New laws make domain names easy for Koreans


Domain Names makes it easier for users to access their desired location. I mean, a familiar name is certainly easier than a seemingly random set of numerals. However, the system doesn’t have the same easing effect on non-English speakers.  Koreans were facing similar problems. For most Koreans, the main language is Korean. Korean through its history has been mainly an oral language...

Various issues hindering growth of Bangladeshi ccTLDs


A recent post by the Business Standard, states that the total number of registered domains in .bd fell from 46,800 in 2019 to  31,402 in October, 2021. This comes in as more of the thrust on worldwide business entities has been to shift to online modes because of Covid induced lockdowns. Even in such situations, a fall in net registrations does indicate some issues flagging the Bangladeshi...

Why does someone pay thousands of dollars for a wrong domain name?


Domain name is a lucrative business. People to establish and protect their brand identity invest a lot to get a proper domain name. But, questions arise when people shed thousands of dollars for a wrong or a misspelled domain name. Well, the answer isn’t a very positive one.  A recent report by the Washington Post, stated that a person bought multiple misspelled domain names for...

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