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Two cannabis companies fight for


Cannawayz Inc. is an American Company dealing with Cannabis. The company manages a Cannabis directory for businesses as well as individual users.  The company was distressed over the usage of a domain name The Company claimed that the domain name was similar to its domain name and trademarks. The Company thus filed a Complaint over the domain name at WIPO.  The...

Painters estate fails to secure


Association pour la défense et la promotion de L’œuvre de Marc Chagall dite “Comite Marc Chagall” is an entity established by the estate belonging to the renowned painter Marc Chagall. The painter’s artwork is valued at millions of dollars.  The entity was displeasured by the registration of the domain name It thus filed a Complaint at WIPO in relation to the said domain...

Arbitration for splits the panel


Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) was established on the basis of a Royal Order. The Company was incorporated to bolster Saudi Arabia’s mineral resources. The Company has diversified since then by becoming a part of the Saudi Stock Exchange, The Company was deeply concerned over the registration as well as usage of the domain name The Company thus filed a complaint at WIPO. The...

Complainant fails to ‘reassure’ the panel


Reassure Midco Limited is a UK based company that provides financial services, including pensions, life insurance and investments. In 2017, the Company was among the largest Life Insurance groups in the UK. The company however, was aggrieved over the registration of the domain name The Company thus approached WIPO, seeking relief. The Complainant claims usage of ReAssure mark since...

Domainer with several ‘doc’ related domain names had to forego


Société Librairie Fernand Nathan-Fernand Nathan & Cie is a French company that engages in publishing, education, games, and TV programs. The Company found its trademark violated through the use of domain name The company thus filed a Complaint at WIPO.  The Complainant has French trademark rights over the KIDIDOC mark, registered in 1999. The Complainant along with it, also...

Is re-registration of a domain name during the grace period a new registration?


Vacation Pig, LLC d.b.a OOVO is a company that uses music instruments to help in cases of occluded vocal tract and breathing exercises. The Company had filed a Complaint in the Forum over the domain name The Complainant owns several trademarks over the OOVO mark. The earliest of these marks being registered in 2020. The Complainant also claimed usage and hence common law rights over the...

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warns about an ongoing phishing campaign


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) has announced the presence of an ongoing phishing campaign. The campaign is spearheaded by the impersonation of the Regulatory Authority. The authority announced that a number of people were receiving emails that claimed to be from a representative from the FIRA. The phishing campaign deploys the domain name We want to...

Company incorporated in 1949 fails to establish common law rights


Bolton & Menk, a company offering engineering and surveying services since 1949. The Company was discomforted when it found out that the domain name was registered and used by a third party in relation to a Chinese website offering explicit videos and advertisements. The Company thus filed for a UDRP Complaint at the Forum. The Complainant had filed for a trademark...

Does a mortgage company have common law rights over ‘THE MORTGAGE LINK’?


The Mortgage Link, Inc. is a mortgage company incorporated in 2001. The company was particularly concerned over the registration of a domain name The Company thus submitted a complaint over the domain name at the Forum.  The Complainant claimed that it had acquired common law rights over the term THE MORTGAGE LINK mark, by the virtue of continuous usage since 2002...

Alstom loses domain name despite having trademarks


Alstom is a French Company that provides mobile solutions to boost sustainable transportation. The Company created in 1928 was initially called Alstom SA. In 1998, the company rebranded itself to Alstom.  The company was aggrieved over the registration of the domain name The Company thus filed a complaint at the Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Centre...

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