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Domain Story: RegalGames.com


The domain name RegalGames.com was at the center of a dispute between a toy and games company and a private individual. The Complainant was Regal Games LLC while the Respondent was Wolfgang Sauer. The Complainant has the trademark rights over the term ‘Regal Games’. The Complainant argues that the Respondents domain name is confusingly similar to its trademarks as well as domain name Regal-games...

Domain Story: Lumos.com


The domain name Lumos.com was under dispute a few months ago. The Complainant in the case was Gridiron Fiber Corp. and Lumos Networks. The Respondent was Yui Quan, who is a domain name investor. The Complainant argued that it has trademark rights over the term ‘Lumos Networks’. The domain name Lumos.com was confusingly similar to its own trademarks and domain name LumosNetworks.com. It contested...

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