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How to save yourself from Domain Trading scams ?


Domain name buying & selling is a lucrative business with a low barrier to entry. This opens the door for a wide variety of public but at the same time makes it easy for people with unethical backgrounds. As Domain name industry is an open market with no real regulators, it becomes all the more easy for scammers. Therefore it is of immense importance for domain name investors to be aware of...

Do companies in India prefer .co.in or .in ?


Yesterday, I was asked this question by one of the Indian NamePros members about companies preferring .co.in or .in domains in India. The answer might as well help some more people in the community. So here in this post, I will try to answer this question. Looking at .in history ( which started back in 2005 ) .co.in and .in was sort of equally famous back then. In fact, the giant company Google...

Diwali And Domains


Diwali is unarguably one of the most widely celebrated festival around the world. Not only Indians but people from all across the globe celebrate this festival of lights with  great enthusiasm. At the same time Indians also spend the most money during this time. Sending gifts to friends & families, buying new clothes/gadgets or even refurbishing the entire house. Diwali is a great time for...

Domain Names vs Crypto as Investment Vehicles


Being a follower of both cryptocurrency and domain name from past 1 year (domain names, a little longer), I have gathered a lot of insights  of these markets. My curiosity to learn, made me connect with big investors and discussed their strategies.  This post therefore is my attempt to provide comprehensive comparison between the Domain Names & Cryptocurrencies as virtual investments. Market...

Analysis of Recent Brandable Domain Name Sales


In our daily life, we come across hundreds of brands. Right from our toothpaste to our TVs, from clothes to cars ; brands are everywhere. In order to become a successful  brand, its name is very important . Ideal brand name must be short, highly memorable and unique . But we have very limited supply of such names. Hence there is a huge market of Brandable domain names. Let us look at some of the...

Domain Names In Everyday life.


Domain name in an abstract concept. This makes it difficult for people to attach value to them. Hence, in this post I would try to give you examples wherein you can connect things to domains and understand their value. Let’s start with an example of “Shoes”. It’s a very common generic term (everyone wears shoes ! ). Going by the stats, Global Footwear Market was worth $215...


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