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Domain Name Registries won’t be given ‘safe harbour’


The Delhi High Court in the case proceedings related to Snapdeal Private Limited v Go Daddy Com LLC & Ors., has ruled that Domain Name RegistriesRegistries, when providing trademark infringement domain name at a profit, won’t be granted ‘safe harbour’. Too difficult to grasp? Ok, let me answer you in a simple way.  The Plaintiff, i.e., Snapdeal had approached the court...

Sav.com jumps to top 30 domain registrars


Sav.com is a domain name registrar that has proven its mettle in a very short span of time. The company is among the fastest growing registrar companies operating worldwide. What is interesting and in some ways also pivotal to the company’s growth, is its aftermarket place.  The company has recently reported that there are more than 2 million domain names under it. This feat becomes...

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