FBI email server hijacked, fake emails sent from this domain name


Cyber crimes have become more common than anyone ever thought of. From Colonial Pipeline to Robinhood, reports of hacking have become way too frequent. However, the recent addition to the list is that no one dared to think: FBI.  Someone hacked the FBI’s email server and used it to send fake mails. Hackers used the domain name FBI.gov and related email Ids to send fraudulent emails...

US Justice Department seizes two Nobelium Domain Names


As of 02/06/2021 Nobelium, the cyber threat group that was responsible for SolarWinds attacks last year, has made the headlines again. This time it has come up with a spear fishing campaign.  The group targeted approximately 3,000 accounts linked to 150 think tanks, government organisations and non-government organisations. All received an email that included a reply option to a compromised...

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