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Voltas secured injunction against this domain name


Voltas, a popular Indian Home appliances brand has secured injunction against a maleficent domain name. The counterfeit domain name was trying to mimic itself as Voltas and was trying to dupe customers.  Voltas Limited had filed a complaint against the domain name MyVoltasCare.com. The  Complaint was adjudicated at the Delhi High Court. The Plaintiff claimed trademarks over VOLTAS since...

Do you know who is the Indian counterpart of John Doe?


John Doe is the most common nobody. No, I’m not kidding. He is actually a nobody. But he is also very common. All right, I’m sorry! Let me ease things for you. In numerous legal cases, there isn’t always a defined entity or person involved in a case. The identity of one of the parties to the case, many times, remains unavailable. In such cases, that party is termed or described as John Doe. Now...

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