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I write on a range of topics that includes Branding, Marketing, Acquisitions, Statistics and an especial emphasis on Domain Name. The opinions expressed may change from time to time as that is how a person and ideas evolve.

Once the most expensive domain name is up for sale

O went for sale on 17th of November, 2010. The premium domain name netted a valuation of $13 million, which was a Guiness World Record at that time. This price gave the domain name an iconic status. People gave its example to present the wonders of the domain name industry.

Internet in Kenya and .ke domain names


Mr. Geoffrey Shimanyula, the chairman of Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) talked in detail about the current situation of .ke domain names, the effect of pandemic on it and how the extension is going to contribute towards the development of the African Nation.

When the domain name containing a man and his wife’s initials expired


We will see in our current story where John McGinnis Halliday Gibson of the United Kingdom lost a domain name. Mr. Gibson had registered the domain name, which was an amalgamation of the names of him and his wife. However, the domain name was expired and registered  by a United States based domain name investor.

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