AR-VR, Crypto & IOT – The Latest Trends in Domain Name Industry


Domain Magazine AR VR DomainsTrends are keyword or Industry ideas that are new in the market. They also must be having a promising future ahead. For example, Virtual Reality or VR is a trend. Only after invention of Virtual Reality, the combination of letters “VR” had a meaning

One of the key factor to be successful in domain names industry is to follow patterns. You need to stay ahead of everyone to pounce on the opportunity.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends which anyone could have followed to get the better of others in acquiring the digital assets.


VR/Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the latest technology that’s changing the way people interact with the digital world. It’s the underlying technology of next generation Videos, Movies & Games.

Now before virtual reality came into existence the combination of letters V & R meant less. Hence no one would have registered domains like, VRcardboard, ..etc.

But with the advent of technology, these names would be required in the industry and hence are an excellent investment opportunity.

The typical domains that would be useful are related to entertainment niche like, , ..etc .These are keyword domains which would be helpful for companies in marketing their product/service. Similarly to setup a great brand, companies would probably go for shorter ones like 4 Letters or less containing VR ex:, (for Experience VR),  ..etc.

The best way judge a trend is to monitor its sales. Here are top sales of VR related domains.
Recently sold VR Domains

AR / Augmented Reality

AR / Augmented Reality can be thought of as Technology similar to that of VR but that creates a more realistic world in front of you. The technology consists of superimposing computer generated images on the users view of the real world.

Similar to VR  for  “AR+ two letters”  or “AR+keyword” domains would have higher value/demand if it’s related to entertainment sector. But there can also be various other applications of AR and for that you need to stay updated.

Here are some of the sales of domain names in AR industry

  AR sales: AR 4 LETTER  , AR + KEYWORD 

IOT/ Internet of Things

IOT/Internet of Things refers to the technology of connecting things to the net. They include watches, Glasses but, Refrigerators and more. Making things smart is the technology.
Sales of domains in IOT sector.


 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain is the next generation of Internet. It’s a complete shift from centralised to Decentralized systems.
To get an idea of domains that may be valuable in the future monitor upcoming startups (especially Blockchain related ones). In case of Crypto & Blockchain startups, they prefer the “.io” domains over other extensions if .com isn’t in their budget.
 Here are sales for your reference:
Crypto sales : CRYPTO + KEYWORD     ,  COIN + KEYWORD  


 To conclude I would like to say that the bottom line of all the above discussion remains the factor of end user adoption. The trend and mentality of end users in this industry are the secret sauce for finding valuable domains. Which extension do they tend to prefer? What type of domains do they like? When you can answer these questions, you would be able to improve your domain name investment.
You can apply this to any industry that is at a nascent stage and has a promising future.Stay updated with latest happenings.To conclude, extension, .com remains the king. If a company has great vision, then they need to spend the extra budget for the equally valuable domain. They need to have the Dot com!That’s it for from my side. I hope this article helps you to judge emerging trends and how you can encash on the early bird opportunity.Let me know if you have any questions in comments below.


Note :Domain Names used in this post are just for example. I am not associated with any of these domains. Readers discretion is advised while investing in domains.

Source of Domain Sales data : , 


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