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GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-19


bezar.com One-word brandable name, currently bidding at $760. GetPixie.com Cool name for a SaaS firm, incorporating IoT and cloud computing with it. Current bid price is $370. AndAction.com Lights, camera and action! A film and video production studio is the right pick for this name. current bid price is $355. nevas.com Another one-word brandable name, currently bidding at $479. PestScan.com Pest...

Nominet Seeks Feedback On New Policy For Expiring .UK Domains


Nominet, the registry that handles the .uk domains and its family of sub-domains, today proposed its new policy on expiring .uk domains. This new development follows on from previous policy discussions on domain drop lists. Its new decision sets-out to allow a more transparent and informed process for registrars and the general public to know when an expired domain would be made available for re...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-18


PeerBlock.com Firewall and antivirus, brandable name for SaaS companies, peer discussions and forum. Current bid price is $1,275. usure.com One word brandable name, currently bidding at $1,633. NaturalBeard.com Men grooming kits and maintenance essentials, current bid price is $275. TeaAndToast.com A chain of premium and luxury cafés and lounge access, or a cooking academy/blog Current bid price...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-17


SugarMedia.com A media house, distribution and advertising, marketing and branding solutions. current bid price is $887. SummerBody.com Who doesn’t want that perfect summer ready body? Gym, fitness and health apps, diet supplements. Current bid price is $1,027. PennBookCenter.com Book store and library chain native to the US state of Pennsylvania. Penn is usually used as a shot name for...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-16


NoteShare.com Good for file sharing or an e-classroom and learning platform. Current bid price is $810. iBookers.com An iGaming platform for online gambling and casinos, betting and bookies. Current bid price is $260. PayFix.com Online interface for digital and cashless payment services and transfers. Current bid price is $330. meiki.com One-word brandable name, currently bidding at $125. OurDate...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-15


OrderUp.com Food? Clothes? Shoes? Books? Furniture? A common digital interface for ordering products across various categories. Current bid price is $730. zepca.com One-word brandable name, currently bidding at $530. energix.com Health and fitness supplements, instant energy drinks and food products or a power producing company. Current bid price is $435. RocketSystem.com Rocket systems and...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-14


 DearBasketball.com A basketball training academy and club, current bid price is $375. BookWhirl.com Whirl around in books, with genres from thriller to sci-fi, romance to horror. Book reviews, recommendations and stores. Current bid price is $144. EasyVeganRecipes.com Easy to make and fast vegan recipes for your vegan lifestyle and choices. Current bid price is $80. BrowardInsurance.com...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-13


frisbees.com The fun game that never gets old. You could use the name for whatever you like, a fast food chain, interior design, IT and software, gaming, pop-culture store. A cool brandable name, currently bidding at $1,755. PawStop.com Your one-stop shop for everything you need for your pawed pets – food, accessories, daily essentials, care center as well as medical services. Current bid price...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-12


LayHotels.com A fine chain of luxury hotels and restaurants, current bid price is $300. iocus.com One-word brandable name, currently bidding at $30. DrawingNinja.com An online art gallery for artists and painters to sell their work and pieces. Current bid price is $20. PaymentSender.com Digital payments and wallets for easy online money transfers. Current bid price is $26. MagnoliaNewHomes.com A...

GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-07-11


EasyPet.com An easy pet adoption and day care center. Food products, essentials, guidance, medicines and vet services. Current bid price is $875. GreenDust.com Leave green dust behind whatever you do. Sustainable and eco-friendly daily use products and essentials causing minimum harm to the environment. Current bid price is $350. CarFinity.com Car rentals, subscriptions and service center...

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