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What a day it was! Meeting giants of Cryptocurrency and domain name industry together at the same time was a dream come true. Gambitconference 2017 which was held on 26th November,2017 at the beautiful hotel Taj Banjara was no less than a knowledge extravaganza. Panel discussions featuring eminent personalities including

Here is a short summary of all the discussions that took place.

Bitcoin 101 : Everything about Bitcoin

This session was about understanding Bitcoin from a perspective of a common man. Sainath and his team from , walked the audience through what is bitcoin ? How are bitcoin transactions done ? Where to buy bitcoins ? When to buy ? How to store them ? ..etc.
Later on, they also took questions from the audience regarding investment in Altcoins and how altcoins differ from Bitcoin.


Address by Chief Guest : Mr. Jayesh Ranjan

jayesh ranjan -Gambitconference

We were honored to have  visionary IT Secretary of Government of Telanga, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan as chief guest. He enlightened the audience on the importance of blockchain technology and how government of India plans to integrate it in their system. The state of Telangana have already started a plan to make complete the database of Land registry in Telangana on Blockchain. They further plan to do the same in areas of Helathcare where citizens would have their healthcare data decentralized. This we would ensure that we no longer have to dig piles of papers in hospitals to get an old records. Definitely good signs of technology adaptation by government.


Domain Investing As a Hobby

Domain investing - gambitconference

Pic (From left to right ) :  Mitul Jain, Me, Vishnu and Amit Misra ,.

We discussed about how domain name investing can be done as a hobby or a side business. The discussion stressed on the fact that there are still many businesses that are not online , especially in countries like India. This creates an ample amount of opportunity for investment in domain names. We also discussed about PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and how their adoption would again reinforce the importance of domain names.


Initial Coin Offering : Democratizing Fund Raising

This panel discussion featured the likes of Pushkar Vohra, Nitin Sharma , Vivek and Aman Sanduja who discussed various aspects of ICOs. It was aimed to educate audience on the growing concerns and scams in this space and how to stay away from them. At the same time it was also stressed as to how ICOs are democratizing the field of investing in startups for everyone rather than just high networth individuals. There are positives and negatives to both the sides and the risk at the end lies with the investor.


initial coin offering gambitconference


Pic: From Right to left Aman , Pushkar , Nitin , Vivek

Hamsphere , Conversation with the man who owns the internet! : Kevin Ham

This got to be one of the best session of the night. Veteran and highly successful, Kevin Ham  explained what principles one must follow in order to become truly successful in life. He stressed on the question that he might have asked his younger self. He asked the audience to try to answer these questions for your own and It was indeed a very enlightening talk .

Trends and future of domain name industry

This panel discussion was aimed at introducing some of the trends in Domain names like Chinese domains. The panelist (Jijo Papachan, Sai Pola shared their opinions on what makes a domain Chinese premium , what type of domains are liquid domains ..etc.

gambit conference

Domain Name Auctions

This was quite an energetic session by Kevin Kopas who guided audience as to how exactly can they sell domains by auction. He also shared his experience of attending live domain auctions and the thrill that comes with it.  Kevin also shared his experience of selling high value domains and also answered some questions on newGTLDs.

Veteran Advice on Domain Investing




At the end of the day the conference was a great success and all of the attendees had a great time . Most of them got to learn new ways on how to make money online and others went away with new friends. Ending on a high note Gambit Conference team also promises to organize more such conferences in the near future.

By Prathmesh Tokekar

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