Story of the hurricane domains.


Countries around the Atlantic Ocean recently witnessed few major hurricanes. These left people with massive loss of wealth.
Some of the major hurricanes were the Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma. Let us take a look at the use of exact match Hurricane domains. : This domain redirects to a website of Weather Risk Solutions, a provider of Hurricane Insurance. They help people hit by the hurricanes to financially cope up by providing an immediate insurance cover within 72 hours. A beautiful use of domain name indeed. They must be getting a lot of targeted leads. : Interesting thing about this domain is that it was registered in 2008 and did not drop since then. Currently, this domain does not resolve to a particular website. : During tough times people are trying to help, but there are also those who would seek to take advantage. This domain is a classic example of how well-wishers and scammers come to level terms. was a website a few days ago that claimed to have been collecting donations for people hit by Hurricane Irma. People questioned the method of collection, where PayPal email was in use. The owner of website and PayPal email trace back to Shiv Madari.  Note :  A member of NamePros exposed this incident.
I urge people to better donate directly to Red-Cross society.

That’s about it on my side today. Prayers to people hit by the hurricane. Hope they recover from this soon.

Let me know if you have any such unique Domain names idea to share, in the comments below. I will try to cover them in next article.

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By Prathmesh Tokekar

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