Special Auction For 100+ .CO Domains On Sedo


Sedo, one of the leading domain marketplaces, today revealed a one of its kind ‘No Reserve’ auction for .co domains, an event with mostly English keyword domains from July 23 to July 30, 2020.

It is holding the auction to commemorate .co’s ten-year anniversary. It was on July 20, 2010 that the TLD was opened for the general public to register, as it’s also the ccTLD for Colombia.

The hundred and fifteen domains selected for auction were chosen by Sedo’s team on the basis of two parameters: only generic .co domains, mostly English with a few Spanish ones and a minimum bid of 99 USD/EUR with no reserve pricing.

The reason why .co domains are desired is because they are more available than other counterparts like .com, .net or .biz. This gives buyers more flexibility and helps with saving on pricier options. What’s more, .co websites have the exact same potential as those with other TLDs to rank well within search engines – that is, if you provide valuable and worthy content. .co also provides a lot of options for shorter and easy to remember domain names.

To complement these claims, here are some of the notable .co sales from 2010-20 on Sedo:

  1. Feed.co – $85,000
  2. E.co – $81,000 (a clever wordplay on the word ‘eco’)
  3. News.co – $50,000
  4. Pay.co – $46,087
  5. Forex.co – $40,000

Some of the noteworthy domains in the auction are Beamer.co, Lyric.co, Glowstick.co, FamilyDoctor.co, Wings.co MobilePhones.co, AutoDealers.co, BookStores.co, Candies.co, Muffins.co and Tiramisu.co. You can find the full portfolio here.

An important thing to keep in mind is that to place bids over $10k, bidders will have to complete the certification.

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