.Space more popular than .Blog and .Cloud

With the recent eye-popping sale of Sauna.Space at $3200, .space is in the news again!

And why should it not be? This is the second highest sale for a .Space domain ever. The top slot is held by Air.Space which had sold for $17,500 some time back.

.Space extension has proved to be versatile and is being used in various ways such as literally space, spaces as collections of people with a common interest, space as a real estate or architectural term, etc. Despite stiff competition and almost zero marketing spends, this new TLD has risen to a praiseworthy 18th rank among 1200+ new domain extensions.

There are now more active .space domains registered than other similar TLDs.

According to NameStat data:
.space   264,353 domains
.blog     174,645 domains
.cloud    172,428 domains
.world   127,339 domains

Even in actual website usage, .Space has taken a lead. .Space has 394 sites in Alexa 1M, or one for every 671 registrations – a great rate compared to most extensions. For example “.world” , “.blog” and “.cloud” has respectively 214, 376 and 193 sites in Alexa 1M.

This means that more and more popular websites are now shifting to .Space over other seemingly popular domain extensions.


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