Rise of .Me – A Case Study in Domain Names


Back in 2008 (dot) me domains where launched initially as a ccTLD for Montenegro by of Montenegrin Government.

Due to its deep inherent meaning in multiple languages and limitless wording possibilities, just three days after its official launch, .ME recorded its 100 000th registration. Not only that, but during .ME land rush auction period, .ME Registry generated more than US$ 2,000,000.

The highest bids for .me just after their release were:

  • Toyota.me for $90,025
  • Insure.me for $68,005
  • Sync.me for $41,005
  • Skoda.me for $20,010
  • Hug.me for $20,000

In less than a year of its release .me became more popular than TLDs like .asia, .aero, .int, .tel and more than most ccTLDs in the world.

In 2010 it became the fastest selling TLD in the world with a sale of over 320,000 domain names.

.Me has attained a unique position in domain industry and is widely used for personalising brand names.

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By Anuj Maingi

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