Restaurants Around The World Adopting New Domain Extensions


Foodies & Food Joints seem to be quite ahead if you talk about adopting new technology. You would have quite often noticed that Internet is rife with digital innovation in beverages and food segments. From social media where foodies seems to post almost everything they eat to numerous food delivery apps that will bring your favourite meal to your doorstep. Online space is pile with food everywhere you look. Food has even made its way to your favourite domain name endings.

Just recently I was looking for some breakfast café near and found something interesting about the website of breakfast café. They have a pretty cool domain name ending (.cafe)

Food and catering sectors now have a lot of options to choose domain name endings (TLDs).

  • Dot-café (.cafe)
  • Dot-catering (.catering) 
  • Dot-coffee (.coffee)
  • Dot-delivery (.delivery) 
  • Dot-fish (.fish) 
  • Dot-kitchen (.kitchen) 
  • Dot-pizza (.pizza) 
  • Dot-recipes (.recipes) 
  • Dot-restaurant (.restaurant) 
  • Dot-vin (.vin) 
  • Dot-wine (.wine) 

Here are some cool and delicious corners of the internet using creative way to end their name.
Mr. Neil Buckingham was so in love with this non .com domain and he added his other businesses name on the .cafe extension ( He did not confine his love and went ahead to acquire a pretty cool name as the parent site for all his businesses. Interestingly he has acquired his name at premium rate in 4figure from Sedo.
Mr. Matthew Phillips choose the alternative to ho hum traditional domains and choose for his blogsite. Another example Laura Peterson of Pink Cake Plate was so much in love with .recipes domain that she added .recipes domain in her fleet of longtime using .com domain and added
Popular Greek yogurt brand has fage is one of the popular food and beverage brands to use their own “dot-brand” domain extension,
Miguel Godinez has decided to go with as it would not be clear with the name about their business. But tell the world their catering business.
Vidalia is an authentic Italian eatery featuring delicious farm to table dishes. Chef Salvatore Scarlata manage to blend the authentic and traditional with the new and modern by choosing ‘dot-restaurant’ (.restaurants) domain name for their website. His objective was to reflect the mission to provide guest with a unique in the every step in the way.
It’s interesting to know that was the first to register ‘dot-vin’ (.vin) and ‘dot-wine’ (wine) domain.

From America to Germany, from Italy to India, new food entrepreneurs have started using the new TLDs around the globe.

Have you noticed any cafe near you using one of the cool new extensions?

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By Ashish Raj

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