Most selling new TLD in Aftermarket is not .Club


Just about four years ago, .TOP was made available for registration by ICANN and as of Feb 2019, this new TLD has clocked over $7.2 Million in aftermarket sales, a staggering 200% more than .Club that stands at $2.4 Million as per the latest data on NameBio.

.TOP is the second most registered new gTLD ever. It has been enthusiastically adopted by small and large companies establishing themselves as a top brand in their industry including the likes of Amazon, Apple, Chanel, Google, Lego, Yahoo and more, who all have their brands registered in .TOP .

This TLD saw a 128% increase in the number of sales and had an average price of $4,062 last year.

Patterns to look after/Where to invest:

  • Single letter/numeric domains are the most sort after with an average price of 133.1K$. Top 19 sales of .TOP domains are single letters. The next priority would be 2,3.. letter domains and so on.
  • Common noun domains are next sort after. Domains like, Bigger the industry and search volume more is the price at which the domain was sold at
  • Numeric domains: .TOP is the 4th most registered tld in China, just standing behind .com,.cn and .net. With 30% of sold domains being numeric domains just adds an indirect indication of the penetration of .top gtld in China

Notables from .TOP

  • Highest sold: sold at 218,880 USD in 2017
  • top registrations: 2,100,000 as of March 2018
  • The country with the highest .TOP registration: China : 658 domains
  • Top registrar: Alibaba Cloud Computing ( : 348 domains
  • Total domain:   3,423,335

What makes .TOP  top

  • .TOP domain has still a lot of vacant space for keyword and naming possibilities
  • .TOP is memorable and has a positive association. It’s a natural choice for an online project or a product, which is striving for the best and not stopping until it reaches the top.
  • .TOP is a short tld and memorable. “t”, “o” and “p” keyword being on the same line of the keyboard, just makes the typing smooth.




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