How To Get A Free Domain Name


Want to have a website but don’t want to spend on acquiring domain name?

For people who don’t want domain names as an investment nor are looking forward for some commercial use from their websites, they can have an opportunity to own a domain name and host their personal websites free of cost.

Confused how?

There are multiple TLD, ccTLD which are free of any charges and anyone can register their domain name (if of course that name isn’t registered prior).

Few of such TLDs are:

  • .TK (Tokalu)
  • .ML (Mali)
  • .CF (Central African Republic)
  • .GA (Gabon)

which can be acquired easily through

The free service provided by them includes free registration of these names, free redirecting to already existing domain names but the only catch is that you have to maintain a minimum number of hits per month to keep the site running which is very small number and could easily be done by alive bot available online.

So what are you all waiting for go ahead and grab these domain names before your preferred name is already registered.

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By Anuj Maingi

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