GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-06-12


Set this up to provide everything people need for the RV lifestyle. RVing is getting insanely popular and this one is sure to get the hit too. Current bid priced is $859.

One-word brandable, currently bidding at $430.

Sounds good for an e-commerce firm, a second-hand goods selling site or an auction for classic, cool, vintage items. Current bid price is $205.

Cool one word brandable name, currently bidding at $820.

Listen to your tooth when it says something’s wrong and take it too the ToothWise fairies. This one’s a good name for a brand of dental practice. Current bid price is $73.

Do it something like this: A delivery and courier service which picks shipments right from customers’ doorsteps and takes care of the rest. Current bid price is $49.

Sounds good for about anything – a hotel chain, jewelry line, luxury resorts, tours and travels, event management and more. Current bid price is $22.

Santa Maria (in the US state of California) style barbecue is the crown jewel of California. A self-respecting BBQ lover would miss no chance to land in there. Well then, this is the perfect pick to start a chain of BBQ cafés popularizing this gem. Current bid price is $20.

A support group for people having autism, which runs campaigns and awareness programs, helps people in need of extra care and improves their social skills. Current bid price is $10.  

P.S. : The prices mentioned here are of the time I was writing this up. For real-time stats, kindly visit .

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