GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-06-09


Network and hosting solutions, an agency which creates a network of individuals and organizations that share, resource, inspire, create and build. Current bid price is $415.

An event management company, your mate to handle everything. Current bid price is $198.

Recruitment and employment site, freelancing and internships, hiring. Current bid price is $530.

Advertisement, networking and branding services. Current bid price is $130,

Property and real estate company-buy, sell, rent, lease. Current bi price is $82.

Cloud computing, database and storage services and solutions. Current bid price is $22.

Turns out to be the anagram of ebook! Sounds totally brandable and quirky, current bid price is $125.

Be the king of the forest of IPTV services with this one. Current bid price is $10.

P.S. : The prices mentioned here are of the time I was writing this up. For real-time stats, kindly visit .

By Avtro

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