GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-06-08


Spread the fika and the kanelbulle, the strong colour and the Arabica – the Nordic coffee culture! Current bid price is $710.

Essentials and basic products for babies (apparel, footwear, hygiene), parenting guides and tips. Make it an all-baby site, currently bidding at $910.

One-word brandable name, currently bidding at $950.

Tours and travel agency, holiday packages, trips, hikes and a travel blog too! Current bid price is $30.

Domain with a quirky wordplay. Sounds totally brandable and cool. Current bid price is $105.

A cryptocurrency exchange service exclusively for the EU or just about the whole world, doesn’t matter. Current bid price is $34.

A pharmaceutical and health products company, chemical-manufacturing or a chain of hospitals. Current bid price is $52.

Another brandable name, current bid price is $93.

P.S. : The prices mentioned here are of the time I was writing this up. For real-time stats, kindly visit .

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