GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-06-06


Something very simple and straight forward – courier and shipping, transport and logistics, mobile wearables and devices. Anything simple to move. Current bid price is $810.

(TMI Time: SimplyGo is also the name of a Philips product- a portable oxygen concentrator. One can think along the lines of that.)

Lessons, tutorials and courses for learning coding and programming in most languages ranging from beginner to advanced level. Currently bidding at $290.

This domain was previously home to a coffee and bakery café. It specialized in Swedish coffee culture along with pastries and chocolates. Similar to this, it could be used for something in the food and beverage industry. Current bid price is $226.

A one-word brandable name, current bid price is $295. (TMI Time: girada in Spanish means to rotate or tap)

A photography and videography studio, capturing beautiful and day-dream like moments of one’s life (just like a reverie). Current bid price is $160.

A search and demand-oriented site which shows the best places and venues for various events and occasions. Personalize according to location and other filters. Current bid price is $82.

A pet adoption hub and care center with vet service, expert guidance, food and shelters. Current bid price is $55.

Perfect travel blog! Articulate your unforgettable adventures here. Can also be used for a tours and travel company offering quirky and cool holiday packages and trips. Current bid price is $75.

I’m classy, I’m wacky and I know it! This is what this name is – cool and weird in a good way. Reminds me of cute onesies. So with that, sounds like a good name for a clothing brand. Current bid price is $199.

A new cryptocurrency, huh? Well, good for crypto trading, buying, selling and exchange. Current bid price is $17.

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