GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks Ending 2020-05-29


Financial counsel and advice, services and solutions. Currently bidding at $522.

Digital newspaper, news app and news channel. Currently bidding at $285.

(TMI Time: Cetus is a constellation, named after a sea monster in Greek Mythology, which both Poseidon and Hercules needed to slay.)

One-word brandable name, current bid price is $1,635.

Diving and Marine services company, currently bidding at $511.

Security services – both real and virtual. Provide security forces and devices or web security solutions. Currently bidding at $146.

Offer rental services with this one – rooms, houses, halls, cars, bikes, trucks. Currently bidding at $90.

Good name for a construction and infrastructure company based in Canada. Currently bidding at $123.

A cosmetics and personal care essentials company or a fashion brand. Currently bidding at $111.

Something dedicated entirely to women – an NGO, women essentials, services exclusively for women and by women (legal, finance, healthcare). Currently bidding at $85.

An elegant and cool brandable name, turn it into anything you want. Currently bidding at $30.

A truck manufacturing company (might as well include truck rentals). Currently bidding at $93.

By Avtro

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