French Torrent Giant Vaults Through Domains To Prevent ISP Blocking


What do you do when your domain is at the risk of ISP blocking? You go domain (s)hopping!

Well, at least that’s what this French torrent giant is doing, with its newest stop being .si, the ccTLD for Slovenia. Just seven months into the year and Ygg Torrent has already changed three domain extensions, all of them being ccTLDs.

The site fully runs in French and stands for a prime example of a site that has achieved remarkable success, despite not catering to the English-speaking masses of the United States and Europe. The number of registered users stand at a whopping figure of 3.5 million but that also ensures copyright holders have an eye on it.

Its 2020 saga started early in the year, when the site’s then domain name (ccTLD for the island country of Samoa in the Pacific Ocean) was suddenly disabled by its registrar Tucows, without any prior warning. Visiting the site would show a message saying that the site is on server hold, basically meaning that it was suspended.

Ygg wasted no time and switched to one of its back-ups – the Sweden based It also promoted the new domain as its next main domain. However, just a few months later, Ygg announced that several ISPs in France were blocking its .se domain. With its next and latest jump to, the site hopes it can stay away from blocks for a while.

The full list of ISPs blocking the .se domain isn’t clear, but it still serves as a redirect to the new one. Even its Iceland based is under the blacklist of various ISPs., its Swiss alternative was blocked in 2019 after a complaint from a local anti-piracy group. Apart from the earlier mentioned domains, Ygg also holds the .to and .gg variants of its domain as backups (both ccTLDs).

Ygg first changed domains in 2018, when its .com domain was suspended as a result of a complaint by French anti-piracy outfit SACEM. Looking at what has gone on since then, this amusing game of whack-a-mole doesn’t seem to die away soon.

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