Fortune 500 Business Predictions from Domain Names

  1. Facebook

    After the amazing success in personal chat apps, Facebook is planning to enter into the market of professional and team chat app for medium and large corporate offices. They have recently registered domain like, and in July-2017.

  2. Microsoft

    With some big plan ahead in travel and tourism category Microsoft has recently registered outing,, and on 13th-july-2017.

  3. P&G

    P&G has recently registered seems they are planning something new with this. Strangely they haven’t registered which is still for sale.

  4. Google

    Google is planning some brand new project, they have registered on 14th July 2017. Its right time to speculate about their project and invest according to gain from this untapped area.

    Google has also registered 43 other domain with .new extension like, Looking at the success of .xyz extension trends started by then, the  .new extension seems a pretty new and cool Extension to invest in. Let’s start registering your favourite keyword with .new extension right now.

  5. Johnson and Johnson

    Johnson and Johnson has recently registered the domain in July 2017.

  6. Apple

    surprisingly, this time the investment is not in the field of technology. After Apple recently registered domain, in may-2017, speculation is abuzz whether this is a move to enter gym equipment business or just a pragmatic investment. Another fact is that is an established player in the Gym Equipment business.

  7. Disney

    Following the trend of adapting new extension, Disney has registered 44 .reaalty extension domain like . .Realty domain seems cool for real estate category. Its hot time to register .realty domains.

  8. Reliance

    Reliance has recently registered and on july 2017. After the Earth shattering success with Jio and Jio phone in Telecom sector, is it possible that Reliance is planning something big In Sports tournament specially Cricket? Do comment your views in the comment section.

  9. HP

    HP seems to enter the market of Cloud printing. HP has registered March 2017. Interestingly Google has already launched its Cloud Ready printers.

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By Ashish Raj

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