Emoji Domains – A new era of Domains


Since 2015 emojis have been widely used in almost all smart devices around the world. Combination of them has created their own language. So why will the domain industry stay far from it?

Any device which enables u to type an emoji with text will allow you to search for such domain names as websites address. For example if you type a ‘heart’ emoji and a ‘beer mug’ with ‘.ws’ tld on the address bar of any browser, it will lead you to Budweiser’s official website budweiser.com

Coca-Cola used their Emoji domain name as their marketing strategy in a campaign in Puerto Rico. Emojis have an added advantage of not being language specific which could help people around the globe to recall and communicate web addresses more conveniently.

Currently Emoji domains have certain restrictions as they can only be registered with .ws tld but with rise of its scope prices of such domains will increase exponentially once they are allowed to be registered with gtlds.

Anuj Maingi
Author: Anuj Maingi

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