Due Diligence on Domain Names


Too often founders jump into the process of purchasing a domain name in order to get their blog or business site out into the world without the thought of protecting their URL from hackers.

What you may not know is that your domain name could be subjected to being labeled as Spam or worse, cyber attacks. Here are three strategies to help add extra layers of protection to your domain name.

Unless your domain name has never been used before, it could have a history. Before registering a domain name and putting out on the Internet for the world to see, make sure to check for any previous owners and how they’ve used that name in the past.

Natasa Djukanovic, CMO of .ME parallels buying a used domain name to purchasing a used car. New owners need to take the time to investigate its history and uncover if the domain name could cause them any damage to their brand and their SEO.

To unveil a digital footprint of your potential domain name, start by simply going to Google and type “site: and then your domain name” to see if the name is still indexed. You can also use Norton.com or Internet Archive to check for historical spam operations.

Credits: Tech.co

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By Isha G

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