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Diwali is unarguably one of the most widely celebrated festival around the world. Not only Indians but people from all across the globe celebrate this festival of lights with  great enthusiasm.

At the same time Indians also spend the most money during this time. Sending gifts to friends & families, buying new clothes/gadgets or even refurbishing the entire house. Diwali is a great time for every business as well. So what about the online sales and marketing ?

What better than the same domain name be used to market these offers! Here is the look at some Diwali related domains :

Diwali.net : Great domain name for promoting Diwali related offers and advertising campaigns. The price of the domain suggests rightly so because it was sold for $13,000 that too back in 2013 (Source : namebio.com ). Currently it does not resolve to any website but definitely a good investment by the owner.

Diwali.de : This is a pretty interesting domain. It was purchased back in 2013 for $2599 and currently redirects to Diwali-paris.com. This site is currently under maintenance but looking at the exact same handle Instagram account, this looks to be a website of a fashion store. This store is mentioned to be selling Ethnic fashion accessories and is located in Paris. Might be a coincidence or intentional who knows 🙂

Diwali.com : The category killer domain name which is registered since long time.  This is currently parked at Sedo.com but strangely it is not for sale. Sedo mentions that this domain is not for sale currently but you can make an inquiry. Certainly, the owner is sitting on top of large cash cow here.

A google search of the term “Diwali” or ” Happy Diwali” here in India shows the result of authority blogs and not really any solid “Diwali” containing domain name came up. These were the few ones that I found out where ranking in first 100 results DiwaliFestival.org , Happy-Diwali.sale and Diwali2017wishes.in . It looks to be good Search engine optimized websites.

Event blogs presents a good opportunity for revenue generation and hence the domains related to events are considered valuable. That’s about it from my side.

Let me know your views on domains related to events in the comments section below.

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  • Good idea. For those who want to promote their Diwali products online. We have a couple iDiwali.com and दिवाली.com . Both are for sale

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