Microsoft Follows Google, Puts Focus On Domains


In today’s episode of browsers vs URLs, we have Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows following up after Google’s Chrome in trimming URLs displayed on the address bar. In a previous article, I discussed about Google’s on and off pursuits on this since years, and how it continues doing it despite the relentless backlash and user frustration. The reason Google gives is that this feature...

After Ok Boomer, Ok Domainer getting popular with CEOs


Internet has yet to get over its obsession over “Ok Boomer” memes, when suddenly the domain name industry has toppled over “Ok Domainer. So, after 1946-1964 born, what is the new category that this news buzzword is aiming at? Apparently, this term is getting quite popular with CEOs. This term is used by them when some domainer is asking a price way more than what the CEO expects. The CEOs take...

In The Game of Names, These People Rule The Seven Kingdoms


With the Game of Thrones (or GOT as it is often called) becoming a rage all over, we too haven’t been left untouched by the mania. Being the curious cat that I am, I did a little digging around on who are the people that “virtually” rule the seven kingdoms in the real world (aka own the domains of the ruling houses.) Here you go: 1. House Stark: Interestingly, the most talked...

DomainX Conference 2017 India: Event Report


Last week, I attended DomainX, a domain names conference & meetup held at New Delhi in India. The event attracted a small and niche crowd of domain name investors, and there were several learnings and takeaways from the sessions for both professional and aspiring domainers. The event started off with Chief Guest, Samiran Gupta, head of ICANN India, inaugurating it. Samiran also...

Rise of .Me – A Case Study in Domain Names


Back in 2008 (dot) me domains where launched initially as a ccTLD for Montenegro by of Montenegrin Government. Due to its deep inherent meaning in multiple languages and limitless wording possibilities, just three days after its official launch, .ME recorded its 100 000th registration. Not only that, but during .ME land rush auction period, .ME Registry generated more than US$ 2,000,000. The...

Emoji Domains – A new era of Domains


Since 2015 emojis have been widely used in almost all smart devices around the world. Combination of them has created their own language. So why will the domain industry stay far from it? Any device which enables u to type an emoji with text will allow you to search for such domain names as websites address. For example if you type a ‘heart’ emoji and a ‘beer mug’ with ‘.ws’ tld on the address...

Getting started with Domain Names


Domain Names are the most fascinating things that I have ever come across. It took me a lot of time to digest that a domain name is actually Online Real Estate. Here in this post, I  share some basic stuff related to domain names and why everyone should at-least acknowledge their presence. What is a domain name? Domain names are the virtual address that you type in the browser to access...

How to Estimate the Value of Domain Names


In my previous article, I mentioned about the importance of domain names. In this article, I will explain how this importance translates into monetary value and how you can come up with a rough estimate of domain name valuation. As a matter of fact this is the most important skill of a domain name investor this is what differentiates the professionals from beginners! Let’s begin with some...

Everything you wanted to know about Domain Name Investing in China


Introduction Just as we’ve limited land on earth, similarly there’s a limited number of domain names. The number of possible combinations of (TWO NUMBER).Com is 100, for  NNN it’s 1000, for 3 it’s  17,576 and so on. Now you can compare this with the number of companies in the world, that could potentially be interested in acquiring them. Now...

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