Datametrex AI files for three trademarks


A Toronto based AI company Datametrex, has applied for three trademarks at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and Registrar of Trademarks. These trademarks could be vital in security of the company’s brand and strengthening its future prospects.  The three trademarks filed by Datametrex include: DATAMETREX ELECTRIC VEHICLE SOLUTIONS, DATEMETREX and DATEMETREX & DESIGN. These... at 1 million dollars?


To be honest, the prices at which several of the NFTs have been sold have distorted what I consider ‘ridiculous’ when prices of entities are concerned. However, even my expanded view of ‘ridiculous’ pricing still can’t grab the fact that is available for $1 million!  Vamika Kohli is the name of the daughter of popular Indian Actress Anushka...

RevoluGROUP acquires 182 VIP domain names


Canada based RevoluGROUP has made a very significant acquisition to promote its brand. The group has acquired a collection of 182 premium VIP domain names, with the average age of more than 20 years. The move not only promotes the brand in a significant way, but in fact a whole new vertical would be created to provide a channel for these acquisitions. The VIP collection of domain names contains...

Top E-Commerce Development firms in 2022


ADA or App Development Agency has published a list of top E-Commerce Development companies in 2022. The list provides a key insight to the E-Commerce ecosystem of present times.  Notice that the list doesn’t rank E-Commerce websites per se, but rather the firms that help in developing these platforms. E-Commerce to a large extent has been dominated by big players, but since the past few...

McDonald’s replacement in Russia launches new Logo


In an earlier post, we had talked about how McDonald’s was leaving the Russian market due to the ongoing tension. The popular restaurant chain sold over 850 restaurants in the country.  The restaurants were acquired by one of McDonald’s local licensee Alexander Govor at an undisclosed amount. The name of the new company that will be built over the remains of McDonald’s...

CentralNIC grows by 86%


CentralNIC has reported yet another brilliant year of growth. The company announced its figures for the first Quarter of 2022. The Figures show a massive jump of 86% over the year.  In 2021 Q1, the company marked overall revenue of $84.4 million. In the same quarter of 2022, the company reached a revenue figure of $156.6 million. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization or...

ByteDance cancels ‘Jinqiu’ name for its VC firm


ByteDance has surprisingly cancelled the name of its proposed VC firm. Earlier, TikTok’s parent company had announced the launch of a new VC firm called ‘Jinqiu Venture Capital’. However, ByteDance has now said that they won’t be going on with ‘Jinqiu’ name.  People are now looking for the reason behind the sudden change in the name of the VC firm. The...’s branding in the London Domain Name summit


Domain Name enthusiasts across the world are excited. London Domain Summit has been announced, which will bring domain name investors, brokers, lawyers and hosting providers across the world to network with each other. The event has been organised at perhaps the best domain name they could have got. It is Summit.London. Another interesting thing about the event is its Presenting Sponsor.

How do domain names play out in’s acquisition of Deppon

H had acquired Deppon in an acquisition finalised in March this year. through its subsidiary JD Logistics had acquired Deppon Logistics Co., Ltd for a whooping $1.42 billion.  But when it comes to, an excitement towards the domain name acquisition that along with that of the Company’s, cannot be ignored. So here’s a look at the domain name situation. ...

Russians might have had their last BigMac


The Russia Ukraine crisis continues to drag on and on. The damage done to the economy is yet to be totally accessed. However, Russia won’t be pleased to see the developments.  McDonald’s, the iconic symbolisation of Capitalism and Globalisation is finally packing its back from the country. The Company plans to sell 84% of itself that includes more than 850 restaurants.  The...

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