Space Id trying to redo the ENS phenomenon


ENS domain names have hit the industry hard. These domains contribute to 99% of all of OpenSea’s domain name sales. The recently concluded Merge of ENS is going to give the blockchain company another push by reducing the energy consumption substantially.  It seems another company is trying to redo the phenomenon. Space Id is an upcoming domain name company that seems to uphold the enthusiastic...

Newfold Digital to acquire MarkMonitor from Clarivate


MarkMonitor, the popular corporate brand protection firm, is set to be acquired by Newfold Digital. An agreement has been signed through which the company would be transferred from the erstwhile parent company Clarivate. Clarivate is an analytics company that provides firms with key insights in innovating and realizing the true potential of their Intellectual Property. The company aims to aid...

72% Europeans consume their news online


A recent report by Eurostat has revealed that almost three out four people in the European Union consume their news online. The report Consumption of online news rises in popularity, stated that 72% of people in the European Union consumed their news online in 2021. There is an intra-diversity in the region with different countries having varied levels of online news intake. Finland (93%)...

Companies refraining from Social Media LogIns


LogIns to a new platform can be a hassling task. Entering a new User Id and then remembering the Password is a step that many avoid. In such cases, LogIns through Social Media handles come handy. No need for a new set of credentials. However, this convenience is going to lapse soon. Many firms are opting out of these kinds of LogIns. The list includes the likes of Dell, Amazon and Nike. You can...

More than 1.05 billion internet users in China


China Internet Network Information Center has presented a report on China’s Internet Development. The report presents an ever increasing sphere of internet inclusion in China. The number of people using the internet in China rose by 19.19 million from the previous year to reach a figure of 1.05 billion! In terms of percentage, 74.4% of people in China have access to an internet connection, up by...

Unstoppable Domains integrates encrypted messaging


Unstoppable Domains has brought it another cool integration for its domain names users. Users of Unstoppable Domains can send end to end encrypted messages. This comes at a time when Web 3 is going through a bumpy ride. Unstoppable Domains has launched the new messaging service in association with the blockchain company Skiff. Skiff is a private end to end encrypted messaging platform. ...

Which companies have the biggest investments in the Crypto sector?


In a very short stint, the Crypto sector has left its mark. The industry is the most interesting sector right now, with businesses looking to have more of its share globally. Touted to be the next internet, it becomes of significance as to who is backing this revolution? Let’s have a look. Alphabet Google’s parent company is the biggest investor in the Crypto sector. The company has...

Telegram to sell Usernames, Channel links as NFTs


Telegram CEO has announced that Telegram’s Usernames, Groups and Channel links would be sold as Non-fungible Token like Smart contracts. The announcement was made from the CEO’s Telegram channel. Telegram has different unique names that can be used as Usernames, Channel links. They can be suffixed to and be used, such as He Your_Name is a unique attribute and some of...

What is halting Wildberries’ transition to Berries?


Wildberries is a well known name in Russia. It is the largest Russian online retailing platform. The company functions even outside Russia with presence in more than 15 countries. The Company recently decided to change its name. The Company decided to drop the ‘Wild’ from its name, and just keep the Russian translation of the Berries, i.e., ягодки. However, the company faces a major hindrance in...

ENS domains cross the 2 million mark


Earlier, this month we had reported about the strong growth of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains maintained month over month. The crypto domains is growing fast and strong as the total number of ETH domains has now crossed the 2 million mark. In a tweet ENS.eth announced the achievement over the important milestone. The name system continued its thundering growth in August also. At the end of...

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