Cloudflare outage brings World Wide Web to a standstill


Cloudflare, an American company that manages the external facing resources, such as websites, of companies faced a peculiar problem. A number of its affiliate companies went unreachable today.  We would also like to inform you that all these websites are now back online and the problem behind the outage was sorted. After some time Cloudflare itself came with a very detailed explanation of...

Singapore government proposes new censorship codes for Social media companies


Ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, a new debate has ignited. The debate has been around the Freedom of Expression. The argument centers around whether it is fair to suppress the voice of one section of Society or should the practical consequences of an absolute Freedom of speech should be considered.  Now, Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)...

Budweiser launches a NFT racing game


In our previous post, we had talked about how Budweiser entered into the NFT space with the purchase of the spot-on domain Beer.eth. The company sought to establish the company’s branding in the upcoming blockchain space. The company has delved further into decentralised branding with the launch of a new NFT Racing game.  Budweiser in association with popular NFT Digital Horse Racing firm...

Budweiser has claimed this ‘beer’ domain name


As of August, 2021 Budweiser has got into hands on a new domain name. The domain name is obviously beer related. However, the choice of the extension made the deal even more exciting.  Budweiser has bought the domain name Beer.eth. This is a huge step by the American beverage company with regards to its adoption of the new craze of Blockchain technology.  .eth stands for Ethereum, a popular...

Top E-Commerce Development firms in 2022


ADA or App Development Agency has published a list of top E-Commerce Development companies in 2022. The list provides a key insight to the E-Commerce ecosystem of present times.  Notice that the list doesn’t rank E-Commerce websites per se, but rather the firms that help in developing these platforms. E-Commerce to a large extent has been dominated by big players, but since the past few...

CentralNIC grows by 86%


CentralNIC has reported yet another brilliant year of growth. The company announced its figures for the first Quarter of 2022. The Figures show a massive jump of 86% over the year.  In 2021 Q1, the company marked overall revenue of $84.4 million. In the same quarter of 2022, the company reached a revenue figure of $156.6 million. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization or...’s branding in the London Domain Name summit


Domain Name enthusiasts across the world are excited. London Domain Summit has been announced, which will bring domain name investors, brokers, lawyers and hosting providers across the world to network with each other. The event has been organised at perhaps the best domain name they could have got. It is Summit.London. Another interesting thing about the event is its Presenting Sponsor.

NexBloc announces two new dTLDs


After gTLDs (generic Top-level domains), nTLDs (new Top-level domains) and ccTLDs (country code Top-level domain), we have another TLD. This new TLD is called dTLD or decentralised Top-level Domain.  More and more companies are adopting domain names based on the Blockchain. Amid this NexBloc has announced the launch of two new dTLDs as .nex and .artist. The first extension does look a little...

Digital Domain, the company bringing Dumbledore to life


Dumbledore is again alive, thanks to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The new movie named ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’ is in the theatres and is mesmerising everyone with its visual spectacle. But do you know the Company behind all these beautiful animations?  The Company behind this is Digital Domain. The Company has been associated with a list of revolutionary and path breaking... launches a new Domain Appraisal Tool


The premium domain name company at an exquisite domain name itself, has us all excited with their new feature. The domain company has just announced the launch of a new Domain Appraisal tool. has launched the features for enterprise level companies as well as domain investors to gauge the value of a domain name. The cool thing about this feature is that it doesn’t just...

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