Google launches a new TLD


Google has just launched a new TLD. Yes, the extension .day is now available. The extension aims to bring different organisations, businesses and individuals together to a platform where they can present their cause, promote their brand and bring attention to their mission. Many of the domain names have already been taken. Domain Names related to certain certain Causes are taken by different...

How did the apps perform in 2021


2021 has come to an end. A new year awaits, full of exciting news and possibilities. However, it is also the time to look at how different things performed in the year. Today, we are discussing the app sector. A report by App Annie, has stated a huge jump in people spending on apps worldwide. The 2021 figure stood at $135 billion. This is a whopping 20% increase as compared to the figures of...

When Ferrari schooled two domain names


Ferrari once had a very interesting interaction with two domain names.  The case originated from a slight inconvenience people had with Ferrari. Old Ferrari cars’ wiring diagrams in the manuals were very difficult to understand. They were poorly written, improperly scanned, used Italian nomenclature and were all black wired. People needed an easier version, but Ferrari didn’t...

Shopping bots using domain names as a refuge


Cybersecurity experts while examining a mass bot scam found something very interesting. They found out that a large number of bots were using a comparatively very small number of domain names. This implied a very high concentration of bots per domain name.  For around 850,000 fake bots/accounts, there were only around 1800 domain names. The experts analyzed that the perpetrators of the scam...

After the most popular domain name, TikTok also besieges the app space


In a recent post we talked about how TikTok dethroned Google as the most popular domain name in 2021. Now, after conquering the domain name space TikTok has also acquired the top spot amid the apps in 2021. A blog by apptopia discusses the Most Downloaded Apps in 2021. TikTok is ranked 1, with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram at successive places. The blog also discusses the most... has been acquired by this company

M has a new owner. There isn’t any website on the domain name yet, but the buyer is very excited about the prospects of this domain name. The buyer is WholisticResearch. WholisticResearch is an organisation that focuses on the development and marketing of nootropics. Nootropics, aso called ‘smart drugs’ are a certain category of drugs that intend to enhance the performance of the...

Popular adult websites to be banned in France


France is about to take some strict measures against the 5 most popular porn websites. A government authority will request the court to ban popular adult websites Pornhub, XHamster,  XVideos, XNXX and Tukif for failing to introduce sufficient measures to prevent underage children from viewing their content. The problem is that currently the only filter while viewing such type of content, is the...

Internet Association is no more


Internet Association, the lobbying group that represented big tech companies, is no more. In a post published by the Association, it was announced that at the end of this year, the Association will be closed.  The reason behind this step is the lack of funding. Microsoft and Uber left the Association in the previous month. They were the major contributors to the Association. The reason was also...

17 Major pirated domain names blocked


In what might be considered a huge win for the Creative Entertainment industry, 17 Major Piracy Domain Names have been blocked by an injunction in a UK court. All the majority ISPs would not allow access to these blocked domain names.  Different big Hollywood Studios including Disney and Netflix were up against these domain names. All of these Studios and Netflix collectively formed the...

World’s first SMS sold as a NFT


Vodafone has sold World’s first SMS to be sent. They were sold at a Paris Auction House called Aguttes Auction House, as reported by Deutsche Welle. The Auction fetched €107, 000 which is equal to a whooping $121, 000. World’s first SMS was sent on 3rd December, 1992. It’s been almost 3 decades since! What’s even more exciting is the content of the text. The text was a...

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