McDonald’s replacement in Russia launches new Logo


In an earlier post, we had talked about how McDonald’s was leaving the Russian market due to the ongoing tension. The popular restaurant chain sold over 850 restaurants in the country.  The restaurants were acquired by one of McDonald’s local licensee Alexander Govor at an undisclosed amount. The name of the new company that will be built over the remains of McDonald’s...

ByteDance cancels ‘Jinqiu’ name for its VC firm


ByteDance has surprisingly cancelled the name of its proposed VC firm. Earlier, TikTok’s parent company had announced the launch of a new VC firm called ‘Jinqiu Venture Capital’. However, ByteDance has now said that they won’t be going on with ‘Jinqiu’ name.  People are now looking for the reason behind the sudden change in the name of the VC firm. The...

Convesio’s Europe plan begins with this domain name


Convesio is a company that provides platform-as-a-service for managing WordPress sites. The company deploys WooCommerce shops, large-scale member sites, online live events, publisher websites, and eLearning providers.  The company originally functions through the premium domain name However, the company saw increased support from the European Markets. To build on that support...

Hocomoco is now WeHouse


The Indian Startup sector is on the rise. As the pandemic receded the companies started to stand up again strongly with a string of Startups claiming Unicorn status.  Hocomoco is a Hyderabad based tech construction company. The company provides a one stop solution for all your house construction needs.  The Company has now secured a funding of $1 million in the Pre-series round. Anthill... now redirects to Facebook Store


Earlier in January this year, Meta had announced the renaming of the popular VR brand Oculus Quest. The headgear brand had been then renamed to Meta Quest. The brand had been renamed, but the domain name was its last dominion.  It appears now that the website at the platform has been changed. The domain name currently redirects to the Facebook Store, leading to a page selling Meta...

Unstoppable Domains at 1 Billion Dollars?


Unstoppable Domains is growing and growing strong. Just recently, we posted how it earned its place in Forbes’ prestigious list. And today, we again have an interesting development to this growing blockchain company. TechCrunch has reported that Unstoppable Domains is seeking funding priced at the valuation of $ 1 Billion! Yupp, $1 Billion. The company is in talks with several interested...

ENS domain names falter after spike in November


A report by Dune Analytics has been published on the status of ENS domain names. The trends shown in the report can be worrying for ENS domain names.  The trends show a fall in the number of .eth domain name registrations on a monthly basis. The number has continued to fall since its peak in November, the previous year. The reason for that spike was the sudden interest in ENS domain name...

Ciner Resources lp to rebrand after investment from Turkish company


Ciner Resources LP, is a trono ore mining and soda ash production company that works along with its subsidiary Ciner Wyoming LLC. Ciner Wyoming is one of the largest and the most cost effective soda ash companies in the World. The production process operates through the Green River Basin in the US state of Wyoming.  The company had a major investment from the US subsidiary of Turkish Company...

Gulf Power merged to Florida Power and Light company


Gulf Power, a company that has been in existence since 1925, was merged into Florida Power and Company. From 1st of January, Gulf Power would be officially called Florida Power and Light Company.  Following the name change, the original domain name of Gulf Power won’t be functional. Gulf Power used to function on the domain name The website is up on the domain name as of now...

Why did GoDaddy’s shares spike this week?


GoDaddy had a bit of an average performance for most of the year. However, earlier this week GoDaddy’s shares started moving up. So much that at one point GoDaddy’s shares rose by 10%. So, what’s the reason behind this sudden spike in demand for GoDaddy’s share? The reason behind this isn’t another exciting product or service announced by the company. Rather, it is because a prominent...

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