Convex Finance’s domain name hacked


Convex Finance, a popular Decentralized Finance platform met with a troubling incident recently. The platform’s user-facing domain name was hijacked.  The attack was mainly to approve the smart contacts present there. Smart contacts are certain automated activities that come into operation once the prestated conditions are met. The attackers wanted to derive unduly...

Domain hacks plummet the entire cryptocurrency


Domain hacks are getting more frequent than ever. The pandemic enflamed the already burning cases of scams. However, one Cryptocurrency has been the target of attacks, way too many times. And it’s showing in its valuations.  Fantom (FTM) has also been facing the brunt of ongoing crypto falls. The cryptocurreny’s’ value has been continuously depreciating. The coin is...

The Left looking to malign another candidate with a domain name


The shift of the left towards the far left continues to happen in the US. The grave and tragic shooting recently gave another boost to them for propagating lies, propaganda and hate.  The left bandwagon to unfairly associate Republican politicians with tragic sensetive issues continues. This time it has been joined by one of the writers of one of the popular TV Series. Artists are the prime...

Texas House candidate questioned over domain name registration


Politics is an open topic of discussion. People are open to presenting their views as different as it might be from the view of others. It gives a feeling of strength in an individual. However these rights shouldn’t be devoid of the associated responsibilities.  It has been reported that one of the candidates to the Texas House District 91 is being targeted over a domain name...

Domain Name blockage suspends social benefits of doctors


Domain Names play a vital role in the global ecosystem, more than we give it credit for. The entire information supply chain is based on domain names, and the collapse of some of them can cause troubles unimaginable. As evident from this example.  A number of doctors in France are facing difficulties in getting their Social reimbursements. In France, doctors get reimbursements when they...

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warns about an ongoing phishing campaign


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA) has announced the presence of an ongoing phishing campaign. The campaign is spearheaded by the impersonation of the Regulatory Authority. The authority announced that a number of people were receiving emails that claimed to be from a representative from the FIRA. The phishing campaign deploys the domain name We want to...

Argentina’s legal gambling extension, getting increasing support


During the Covid pandemic a wave of counterfeit domain names mushroomed. Among a major contributor to that wave was the Online gambling industry. Argentina, in particular because it hosts a number of malicious domain names related to online gambling.  The National Directorate of the Registry of Internet Domains of the National State has started a new extension to combat the spawning of...

Two law firms fight it out to become the one true ‘Torrent Defender’


Popular Online content streaming houses and production houses have waged a legal campaign against torrent related platforms. Considering the legal fight that many of the torrent entities would have to endure, they sought relief from legal entities. This provides a new segment of clients for the Law companies. So lucrative is this segment, that two Law firms entered into a dispute regarding a...

Phishing attacks in Singapore increased by 829% in 2021


Zscaler ThreatLabz has released the State of Phishing Report 2022. The Report highlights different trends related to phishing scams in the previous year.  According to the report, phishing scams increased worldwide by 23%. The US is the most phished country in the world with it attracting more than 60% of all attacks. The US is followed by Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands. However, the most...

Court smashes dreams of


Gambling has seen an unseen expansion and acceptance in the last two decades, especially Online Gambling. Many countries are loosening their laws and allowing online gambling platforms mostly centered around popular sports events to be organized and also to thrive. One of the major proponents of this sector in India is Dream 11. The company had to enter courts however, against a domain name...

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