Politics over


It’s been 2 years since the death of George Floyd, that gripped the attention of the whole world and gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. The whole world was shocked at the murder of a Black man at the hands of brutal Police violence. Since then, the topic has been a heavy part of political and social discourse.  However, the repercussions of the George Floyd incident can be...

After Country’s name change, Turkish Airlines fears the same


Last month, the whole world was surprised when Turkey changed its name to Türkiye. The Turkish President Mr. Erdogan announced that the name was changed as it presents the country’s history and values in a more appropriate way.  After the nation’s name change, Erdogan has also announced that the Turkish Airlines would be renamed too. In his statement the Turkish President stated...

McDonald’s replacement in Russia launches new Logo


In an earlier post, we had talked about how McDonald’s was leaving the Russian market due to the ongoing tension. The popular restaurant chain sold over 850 restaurants in the country.  The restaurants were acquired by one of McDonald’s local licensee Alexander Govor at an undisclosed amount. The name of the new company that will be built over the remains of McDonald’s...

Finnish BEER’s unique wordplay on ‘NATO’


The Ukraine Crisis has left Europe in disarray. Amid tension in Ukraine, Russia also talked about attacking other countries, that included Sweden and Finland. Following this, earlier week both the countries applied for NATO membership.  Although the applications haven’t been completely accepted yet, this news has created a buzz in the continent as well as among the citizens. A Finnish...

Ruth Sent Us is back on TikTok


Earlier we had reported about a far left group that had released the addresses of the Supreme Court judges online. They invited their supporters to come and gather into a crowd outside the residences of the Judges. After this incident their TikTok account was said to be ‘permanently banned’. However, the accounts of that group have become active again. TikTok hasn’t released any statement...

The Left looking to malign another candidate with a domain name


The shift of the left towards the far left continues to happen in the US. The grave and tragic shooting recently gave another boost to them for propagating lies, propaganda and hate.  The left bandwagon to unfairly associate Republican politicians with tragic sensetive issues continues. This time it has been joined by one of the writers of one of the popular TV Series. Artists are the prime...

Texas House candidate questioned over domain name registration


Politics is an open topic of discussion. People are open to presenting their views as different as it might be from the view of others. It gives a feeling of strength in an individual. However these rights shouldn’t be devoid of the associated responsibilities.  It has been reported that one of the candidates to the Texas House District 91 is being targeted over a domain name...

Far left members use domain name to harass Supreme Court judges


The United States’ political scenario is more divided than it has ever been. People’s political awareness has increased and this causes people to make extravagant displays of affection towards their preferred ideology and a similar amount of hatred and contempt towards the other ideology.  The far left politics has continued its over the borderline attacks on Institutions and...

Myanmar’s Military Junta using domain name to spread propaganda


Free speech is a complex issue. Although it gives voice to the masses which would have been silenced under authoritative rule, there are certain drawbacks as well. This is as to, what about the right of speech of a violent and extremist association or entity? Do they have a similar right to speech as the rest of the people or should their freedom to express themselves freely be curtailed? Myanmar...

Why did Phone2Action adopt a new name?


Phone2Action was a prominent firm working for Government Affairs Technology. The company created tools that any organization or a political party can use to engage employees or supporters. The company however, switched to a different name. What was the reason behind it?  In February this year, Phone2Action switched to the new name of Capitol Canary. The platform wanted to rebrand itself in a...

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