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Politics over


It’s been 2 years since the death of George Floyd, that gripped the attention of the whole world and gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. The whole world was shocked at the murder of a Black man at the hands of brutal Police violence. Since then, the topic has been a heavy part of political and social discourse.  However, the repercussions of the George Floyd incident can be... at 1 million dollars?


To be honest, the prices at which several of the NFTs have been sold have distorted what I consider ‘ridiculous’ when prices of entities are concerned. However, even my expanded view of ‘ridiculous’ pricing still can’t grab the fact that is available for $1 million!  Vamika Kohli is the name of the daughter of popular Indian Actress Anushka...

GoDaddy’s founder goes through medical LSD treatment


Mental health is one of the most serious issues of current times. Fluctuations in the global markets and several once-in-a-lifetime crises, has affected the working populace severely.  GoDaddy’s founder and former CEO Bob Parsons is among the individuals who have been struggling with mental health issues. Bob went to the Vietnam War and since coming back has been suffering from Post...

Pharma Brands troubled by WTO’s new decision


WTO has announced a new change in its policy ensuring vaccine equity. WTO has announced that certain parts of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) will be waived off. The waiving off the provisions of TRIPS will allow countries to use a patented vaccine without the permission of the patent owner. The country nevertheless does need to pay the patent owner for the usage of...

Someone registered and applied for trademarks


If you are not an Indian, the word Sholay might not ring any bells for you. However, if you are an Indian, the word would likely bring a range of emotions that will be difficult to gauge. Sholay is the name of one of the most popular and iconic Indian movies of all time. However, an interesting development regarding the 1975 made film came when someone registered a series of domain names related...

Playboy enters spirit market, launches Playboy Spirits


Playboy, the bringer of the ‘coming-of-age’ for a huge number of people, has brought something new for us all. The popular lifestyle brand has now ventured into the multi billion Spirits industry with the launch of Playboy Spirits.  Yes, you heard that right. You can now enjoy your glass of drink mixed with a Playboy spirit. The company marked the launch with the announcement of...

Top E-Commerce Development firms in 2022


ADA or App Development Agency has published a list of top E-Commerce Development companies in 2022. The list provides a key insight to the E-Commerce ecosystem of present times.  Notice that the list doesn’t rank E-Commerce websites per se, but rather the firms that help in developing these platforms. E-Commerce to a large extent has been dominated by big players, but since the past few...

Muzmatch and conundrum


Since the past few months, Intellectual Property Enterprise Court has been witnessing a deep tussle between two dating companies. and Muzmatch, were both involved in a legal question that whether Muzmatch infringed upon the trademarks of Muzmatch is a new dating platform that is aimed for Muslim couples. The company provides an opportunity for the users to meet each other in...

Radix’s unique branding to promote .tech TLD


Radix is an interesting new take on the popular gTLDs. The company hopes to replace the age-old, boring gTLDs with the TLDs for the new ages which it calls ‘new TLD’, or nTLD.  The company has also been quite successful in its vision, by showing a continued growth. In the industry where there are hundreds of different extensions available for the consumer, how is Radix holding...

Women in Abu Dhabi to get free Blockchain domain names


Abu Dhabi has very exciting news for all of its female residents. The city is going to provide some sort of a digital bouquet, for free. The bouquet includes cryptocurrency, a NFT and a Blockchain domain name.  The initiative has been launched by the city’s agencies: Access Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) as well as the leading blockchain domain company Unstoppable Domains...

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