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Popular adult websites to be banned in France


France is about to take some strict measures against the 5 most popular porn websites. A government authority will request the court to ban popular adult websites Pornhub, XHamster,  XVideos, XNXX and Tukif for failing to introduce sufficient measures to prevent underage children from viewing their content. The problem is that currently the only filter while viewing such type of content, is the...

Internet Association is no more


Internet Association, the lobbying group that represented big tech companies, is no more. In a post published by the Association, it was announced that at the end of this year, the Association will be closed.  The reason behind this step is the lack of funding. Microsoft and Uber left the Association in the previous month. They were the major contributors to the Association. The reason was also...

Union of Missouri switches from a .org to .gov


Union is a city in the Franklin County of the state of Missouri. The city has opted for a change in the email addresses of the officials. Along with the email addresses, the city’s official domain name also might go for the change.  The city operates on a .org domain name. The city’s current domain name is However, the city wants a .gov domain name. The new email...

Hy-vee launches two new domain names


Hy-vee, the self-owned group of supermarkets, is looking to create spurs in the industry. The company has announced two new domain names with an eye on bulk ordering.  The company has launched domain names and These new domains are in addition to the existing parent domain name of These new domain names aim at establishing Hy-Vee’s presence on...

Legislation to curb Domain Names from selling illegal drugs online introduced in the US


A bill was introduced in the US to stop Domain Names from selling illegal drugs. The bill was introduced by senators Amy Klobuchar and Marco Rubio. The name of the legislation is also very interesting with it being called Domain Reform for Unlawful Drugs Sellers Act a.k.a. DRUGS.  The bill aims at curbing the increasing number of fake, non-genuine and illegal drugs being sold online. These...

Live Nation gets handed a restraining order


In a previous post, we talked about the dispute between Golden Voice and Live Nation over a music concert being held, called Coachella Day One 22. The final verdict of the dispute is yet to be announced, however the country has issued a restraining order.  The court has ordered a restraining order to Live Nation over the festival going to be held at Coachella. Live Nation contested that the...

Wanna celebrate Festivus? This domain name might help you


Yesterday was Festivus. Yes, 23rd of December, the day of Festivus. If you are not aware of it, you clearly have some great TV shows unwatched.  Festivus is an alternative secular festival designed to resist the excessive hype and commercialization of Christmas. The concept was first proposed by writer Daniel O’Keefe. But it became a part of pop culture once it was aired on the Final season...

TRABIS, Turkey and .tr


There are major changes going for .tr domain names. The extension is going through a complete change in management. It was earlier managed by However, beginning from January 2022, the extension will be managed by TRABIS.  .tr is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Turkey. The extension was until now managed by Middle East Technical University. However after the signing of a...

Chris Noth’s domain name lost amid sexual assault allegations


Chris Noth is at the centre of several allegations of sexual assault. As of now, 3 women have raised their voice against the ‘Sex and the City’ actor.  Many companies are now cutting their ties with Chris Noth. As reported by The Sun, Entertainment Arts Research, Inc. has cancelled the deal for the acquisition of Ambhar. Ambhar is a tequila brand that belonged to Noth. In fact the... and its ‘Stars’


Did you know you can buy Stars at No kidding, this is 100% legit. You can actually buy a Star at But why would you buy a Star?  Facebook is smoothing it’s platform to accomodate creators. Facebook Star is on the same lines. You can give stars to your favorite content creators during their live streams. Content creators thus getting Stars as well as money in...

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