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NIXI’s great offer on the eve of 75th Independence Day


India is heading for its 75th Independence Day. The whole nation has joined to celebrate this iconic occasion. Amid these celebrarations the manager of the country’s ccTLD has come up with a spectacular offer. National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has offered huge discounts over .in and .भारत domains names. The domain names are available for grabs at ₹75 ($0.94) for one year. The offer...

PIR’s portfolio has expanded. Which extensions have joined?


In a previous post we had explained how the Public Interest Registry (PIR) had planned to expand its portfolio. PIR had partnered with Donuts Inc. to acquire .foundation, .charity and .gives to its set of existing domain name extensions. Now, these extensions have been integrated into the PIR’s .org family of domains. With this addition PIR’s family includes extensions like .org, .ngo, .ong, ...

CentralNIC bags registry rights for .gl ccTLD


CentralNIC is on a high. The company is expecting a brilliant First Half of 2022 and now the company has signed yet another brilliant agreement. The London based company has signed an agreement with Tusass A/S. The agreement gives CentralNIC registry rights for the ccTLD of Greenland .gl. Tusass A/S is one of the oldest and biggest telecommunications companies in Greenland. The company also...

Domain name of one of the Oldest LINUX OS impersonated


Debian is a free open-source LINUX based Operating System. It is the oldest OS that is based on the monolithic LINUX kernel and has been in operation since 1993. There is a huge number of open source applications that can be run on this OS with varying operations that include domestic, business, manufacturing, etc. The OS faced a peculiar problem when one of the domain names related to it was...

Major Crypto Domain Name investor loses $150,000 over a joke


“What’s the Most You’ve Ever Lost on a Coin Toss?”. The popular dialogue by the Coen brothers, from the classic movie ‘No Country for Old men’ is perhaps the most appropriate metaphor to demonstrate this crazy story regarding a peculiar domain name transaction. A major crypto investor has lost over $150K over a joke surrounding an Ethereum Domain Name. The guy in question here is...

Pro-Palestine website spreads fear among Massachusetts’ Jews


A number of news platforms have reported about the presence of a controversial Pro-Palestine domain name that seems to disrupt the environment in Massachusetts. The website has caused special trouble for the Jewish community living there.  The domain name of the website hasn’t been announced yet. This has been done to stop the spread of the content of the unsettling website. The website...

EU’s approval for Turkish trademark enrages Greece


Türkiye, or Turkey is going through a lot of name changes. Just recently the country changed her name. We also reported about how Turkish Airlines is also going to be renamed.  Now, a trademark filed by Türkiye is creating trouble. The country filed a trademark application for TURKAEGEAN  at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This trademark application was accepted which has...

Nigerian domain authority awards .ng domain name holders


Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NiRA has awarded the best individuals and organisations that are promoting the .ng  domain names. The award is given to all those who perform brilliantly in their businesses, to support the ccTLD in getting stronger and stronger.  This was the fifth edition of the award. This year’s award included numerous different categories to...

Counterfeiting BAYC tokens brought to the Court


Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is the coolest thing in the town right now. It is a thing that every celebrity wants and the price of which can surely topple your brain.  However, there are certain entities that intend to derive benefit from such a popular and growing brand. The meteoric rise of the Ape NFTs attracted fraudsters to copy and resell them again. What’s interesting here, is that...

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