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Would .HipHop rise?


HipHop isn’t a genre of music, but a lifestyle in itself. Them sick old beats have accompanied us in our darkest of times to our glorious ones. However, surprisingly the domain name industry hasn’t done appropriate justice with the industry.  The .HipHop domain name has been around for sometime, but the registration of related domain names hasn’t shown any exceptional and...

Argentina’s legal gambling extension, getting increasing support


During the Covid pandemic a wave of counterfeit domain names mushroomed. Among a major contributor to that wave was the Online gambling industry. Argentina, in particular because it hosts a number of malicious domain names related to online gambling.  The National Directorate of the Registry of Internet Domains of the National State has started a new extension to combat the spawning of...

Nigeria’s IT Development Agency’s green flag to .ng adoption policy


In a previous post we talked about the Nigerian Government’s new policy on the Government adoption of .ng  domain names. The Government had announced that all Government officials in the Country would have to use domain names and emails that belong to  .ng domain names. No third party domain names and email Ids would be used for official communication in Government offices. ...

.bh begins to accept registrations from the locals

Earlier we had reported about how the Kingdom of Bahrain has started a new registry for the .bh domain names. We have also informed you that from 2022 the domain names will be available to the locals. Under the joint cooperation of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA),  the extension is now open to the domestic market.  A...

What is .art’s ‘Digital Twin’ feature?


UNESCO and the world celebrated World Art Day on April 15. People enjoyed and celebrated the effect art has on their lives. Art enthusiasts also discussed the various new ways the art is evolving currently, attributed to the ever evolving nature of the field or to the sudden excessive exposure of her to the digital space.  In the digital space, .art has been representing the artist community...

A new .toronto TLD on the way?


Is a new .toronto TLD going to launch? A recent entry to the Lobbyist registrar at the City’s official website does hint towards it. A report by blogTO, stated that the proposal for the launch of a new .toronto was under discussion by the Canadian Internet  Registration Authority (CIRA). CIRA is actually considering the launch of the city’s TLD. Earlier, city’s residents, if required, had to...

Political backlash over this New Zealand domain name


World is more aware of itself now. We are beginning to see the fruits of investment in the Internet. People are now gaining awareness about every single entity that can be talked about. Politics is no different. People are realizing themselves and hence their political leanings. The established order is feeling agitated over the rise of different opinions in general and opposing opinions in...

.ng domains gain slightly amid discounts

In a previous post we talked about the fall in the number of .ng domains. We also talked about how Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) had announced huge price cuts on .ng domains. It appears that the efforts of NiRA have bore results.  NiRA has released their latest figures, for the performance of .ng in the month of February. The net registrations for .ng increased from 178,079 in...

2 days to go for .au domain registration


.au domain space is going to begin registrations from March. We’ve posted about that. But do you know how close the launch is? It’s in just 2 days!  From 24 March, .au registration will begin for the holders of domain names. .au domain names were reserved for owners of the same Second-level domain names under This was done on a Priority Allocation Process. The...

Second level .tz domain name to be made available


Tanzania has announced the launch of new .tz domain names. Second level domain name registrations under the Top-level domain .tz would begin soon. This wasn’t possible earlier. Earlier, only third level domain names under second level .tz  domains such as,,, etc. The domain names will be available in 3 phases, starting from 1st of March. In phase 1, Category 1 holders of...

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